Ethnobotany, Herbalism, and Traditional Healing Internship in the Peruvian Amazon

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We are seeking interns to lead an investigation of traditional healing practices and herbal medicine of the Amazonian region of Peru. The intern will work with local healers and specialists to gain an understanding of the role of traditional healing practices, including primary plant species and their uses. This internship provides the opportunity to gain an understanding of traditional phytotherapy practices while helping to preserve the local knowledge of indigenous peoples.

Project Objectives include identifying primary medicinal plants of the upper and lower amazon region and understanding their importance in traditional medicine; establishing working relationships with alternative healthcare providers and specialists; obtain a holistic understanding of local healing traditions

Intern Duties include utilizing varied primary and secondary sources to research important medicinal species and their uses; conducting interviews and other data collection activities with traditional healers and healing centers; cataloging findings, including plants, their ecological and medicinal properties, natural habitat, cultivation, preparation, use, and cultural significance


This internship is designed for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in the areas of Public Health, International Development, Social Work, International relations, Botany, Ecology, or other related fields. An intermediate level of Spanish, equivalent to four semesters of college level Spanish is required. Research experience is a plus and previous college-level coursework in Public Health is preferred.

To Apply - Please send the following directly to our Program Manager at

1. A simple resume

2. Letter of intent (including which project you are applying for, what date range you would like to intern, and why you think you are a great candidate)

3. Two references (email addresses are OK)

If you are interested in collaborating with us or have any questions about the internship program please send an email directly to

Dates: Internships are 8-12 weeks (longer possible with visa application)

*Dates can be flexible according to interns’ needs.* 

Costs: 8 weeks room and program fees: $1600 

10 weeks room and program fees: $2000 

Additional weeks: $200/week 

*Program fees include living accommodations in our fully-equipped and beautiful shared intern house. This includes electricity, drinking water, wifi, basic cleaning/laundry services, staff support, and project costs.

**Travel expenses and food are not included.