Social Entrepreneurship Internship in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Hours per week







At Runa Foundation, our mission is to create new value for native plants that benefit local people and the environment. Guayusa is an excellent example of how we’ve started with our mission and now we are looking to the future for new plants that could have new value for farmers. Interns will assist us by looking into creating new supply chains for other species commonly found in the area.

Our social entrepreneurship interns will work alongside Runa Foundation staff to look at new potential products, markets, and create a short business plan to commercialize these new potential products from Amazonian plants.

Intern activities include: Research supply chain development, international markets, and processing capabilities for these new potential products. Also creating short business plans for new products and supply chain management.


This internship is geared towards undergraduate and graduate students majoring in environmental science, policy, business, agriculture, or a related field. Proficiency in English and/or Spanish is required. Experience in Latin America and/or working in a rural setting is a plus.

To Apply - Please send the following directly to our Program Manager at

1. A simple resume

2. Letter of intent (including which project you are applying for, what date range you would like to intern, and why you think you are a great candidate)

3. Two references (email addresses are OK)

Dates: Internship dates are flexible throughout the year. Internships are generally 8-12 weeks (longer possible)

Preferred Start Dates: 

Summer Internship: April 2, May 28th, or June 18th

Fall Internship: Sep. 24th (flexible)

Winter Internship: Jan. 14th (flexible)

*Dates can be flexible according to interns’ needs.* 

Costs: 8 weeks room and program fees: $1600 

10 weeks room and program fees: $2000 

Additional weeks: $200/week 

*Program fees include living accommodations in our fully-equipped and beautiful shared intern house. This includes electricity, drinking water, wifi, basic cleaning/laundry services, staff support, and project costs.

**Travel expenses and food are not included.  

***If you are interested in collaborating with us or have any questions about the internship program please send an email directly to