Product Development and Ecommerce Marketing Assistant






United States


We are looking for a creative and highly motivated person to improve and promote our new online ecommerce store and help grow our online presence.

This is a great opportunity to apply your skills and creativity and see for yourself the positive results. You will help us with our product development and presentation, online marketing strategy and content, media presence, partnerships, direct communications, and campaigns.

If you are passionate about the environment and you have great communication skills you will find this role to be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Trainee responsibilities:

  • Improve existing product catalogue images, descriptions and shopping experience.
  • Source suppliers for some new product concepts and go through the entire process to implement the products online.
  • Develop, implement, and manage digital marketing programs and campaigns that drive awareness, traffic, acquisition, sales, and retention for the eCommerce channel.
  • Create landing pages for targetted campaigns.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Above all... encourage everyone to grow their own trees and give back to Mother Earth.


The internship can be performed working remotely from your home country.

About ForestNation

We actively encourage people to plant their own trees by selling tree growing kits. For each growing kit we sell we plant another tree in a developing country. You plant one we plant one.


We believe we can create a peaceful world rich in resources and beauty for everyone, where we care for each other and our planet. We do this by creating products and services that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

ForestNation is a "Social Business"; we combine commercial, social and environmental goals equally. We believe that if we can all make successful business out of doing good then lots more good things will come about.

“Imagine ForestNation… Imagine a world where everyone grows their own tree” – Julian Lennon ForestNation Ambassador.


  • You can work remotely using the latest online tech.
  • Learn about many tools to set up your own business online.
  • Training from professional team.
  • You'll get maximum job satisfaction knowing you are making a positive impact on the world.

How To Apply

If you feel like you're the perfect person for the internship, please send an e-mail with your motivation to our CEO, Andrew Pothecary.

E-mail address: