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639 South College Avenue
Fort Collins
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Music District Business Manager

The Music District

Fort Collins, Colorado

About The Music District:

As a vital piece of Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs, the Music District (MD) is a dynamic gathering hub, workspace, and creative playground for the music community. For the novice or pro, it’s a place where anyone can develop the art, learn the business, and share skills and passions with musicians and music lovers. A living laboratory, it will continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the northern Colorado landscape and the wider music world.

At the Music District, you can utilize specific services, projects, and events, or indulge in the entire array of programming, education, training, collaboration, and more. When you’re ready, you can launch from here into the Fort Collins music ecosystem, into venues across the state, and into the national and international music scenes. And, you can always come back and pay it forward, helping us create, grow, and foster a community that loves and lives music.

Bohemian Foundation is a private family foundation that supports local, national, and global efforts to build strong communities. Bohemian Foundation is an affiliate of Bohemian Companies.

Position Summary:

The Music District, a music-centric gathering place to cultivate talents, support professional development, and encourage connections, is seeking an experienced Business Manager. The Business Manager is responsible for supporting music-based businesses at the Music District and in Northern Colorado, including retail, traditional industry (labels, public relations, managers, etc.), music technology start-ups, and mission-driven music organizations. The Business Manager will help attract and develop new businesses and ensure that music businesses contribute to the overall growth of the music community in northern Colorado. The role will report to the General Manager and will serve on the creative decision-making MD Management Team while executing initiatives under the direction of the MD General Manager.

Qualifications and Experience:

The successful candidate will possess a compelling combination of the following:

·        Demonstrated entrepreneurship experience in music and/or other creative sectors

·        Demonstrated experience attracting and cultivating community and business partners

·        Strong connections to creative communities and businesses regionally and nationally

·        Minimum of three years business management experience


Ideal candidates will also have:

·        An entrepreneurial spirit and openness to both new and traditional ideas

·        The ability to work gracefully and cooperatively under pressure 

A deep interest in the transformative power of 

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No requirement

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