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Title: Regional Programme Manager

Duration: This is an ongoing position with a one year starting contract and the opportunity to develop the role as the organization continues to grow.

Start Date: Flexible (Aug/Sep 2018)

Location: Varied (Uganda 25%, Regional Placement 75%)

Reports to: Programmes Director

Application deadline: 08 July 2018


Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) is a social enterprise committed to a future where every child receives a high-quality education, regardless of the context they're born into. LRTT mobilises teachers from the UK, US and AUS to become LRTT Fellows and deliver face-to-face teacher development programmes in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

By providing professional development experiences for participants, and by connecting a disconnected world, LRTT is building a global movement of well-trained, effective and empowered teachers. Since 2011, LRTT has been leading transformational teacher training programs around the world and every year we have doubled in size.

In 2019 we're recruiting 1000 Fellows to facilitate teacher training across 40 Fellowships in over 13 countries. The LRTT team is made up of highly motivated self-starters working around the world to build sustainable business models and drive education development where education really does change lives.

Role Description

We are looking for an inspiring Programme Manager who will oversee efficient and effective fellowship programmes and work alongside local partners to develop long-term planning and support regional collaboration. The ideal candidate will be a creative and highly collaborative thought partner, with substantial experience in project management, relationship development, and managing teams. The Programme Manager is the main LRTT point of contact for our Team Leaders, Fellows, and in-country Partners. Success in the role will mean that the Programme Manager will build collaborative teams, strengthen local relationships and help teachers thrive.

Key Responsibilities

Your role is likely to break down along these lines (although being part of a growing organisation means it will be important to be very flexible).

Programme Management (Recruitment, Supervision, and Support for LRTT Team Leaders) – 50%

- Conduct regular check-ins with Team Leaders (ideally fortnightly) to ensure they are effectively recruiting, hiring, and planning for their Fellowship programme.

- Assist with any and all Team Leader/Fellow questions and issues with the help of LRTT Leadership.

- Recruit and support Team Leaders in recruitment and interview process as needed, including researching relevant outreach channels, identifying and interviewing top tier candidates, managing final selection, and answering all Fellow queries during on-boarding.

- Support development, preparation, and implementation of Team Leader and Fellow trainings (both online and in-person).

- Ensure Team Leader transition of knowledge across regional projects at conclusion of Fellowships.

Relationship Management / Regional Partnerships Development - 30%

- Conduct regular check-ins with Project Partners (ideally monthly when not in-country) to ensure all project planning is in order and to ensure Partners feel supported in preparing for thefellowship.

- Review Partnership MOU’s and contract addendums, timeline, and budget to confirm it is consistent with LRTT needs and appropriate for LRTT to commit to the terms and conditions. Negotiate with Partners when minor MoU changes are needed.

- Assist Partnership Director on engagement of new partnerships, development of deliverables and impact assessments, and continued management of projects.

- Conduct training on LRTT goals, history, and mission for new partners to ensure New Partners understand the layout of an LRTT fellowship.

- Communicate progress, challenges, and necessary changes to Partnership Director on a regular basis.

- Provide updates and share end-of-Fellowship deliverables through program team meetings, newsletters, social media, etc.

- Build and maintain partnerships with new and existing regional contacts (i.e. for excursions,lodging, education institutions, grant opportunities, etc.)

Programme Operations – 20%

- Manage fellowship budgets and ensure contractual, operational and data management logistics meet LRTT requirements.

- Work with Operations Development and Finance teams as needed to ensure operational needs are met.

- Support LRTT leadership to develop Regional strategic plans and goals.

- Share best practices across Programmes and Partnerships teams.

Values and Alignment

- You care about the power of education to change lives and think it matters to find the right people to become teachers.

- You're committed to LRTT’s vision of a world where all teachers are empowered to unlock the potential of every child, and mission of: building a global teacher movement accelerating quality education for all.

- You're willing to work within a start-up environment and show the flexibility that this will require.

Is This You?

- You have strong project management experience and an ability to prioritize competing tasks and inputs in a fast-paced environment.

- You’re flexible and adaptable to meet LRTT organizational needs and priorities.

- ‘Team work makes the dream work’ could be one of your life mottos

- You’re ready to take on an exciting challenge that really stretches you.

- You have experience working with teachers and/or volunteers in a cross-cultural setting.

- You’re excited by the idea of living and working in new country in a rural/development context.

- You feel ready to play a big role in a small but growing social enterprise.

- You are excited about social innovations that find new ways of tackling big problems.

- You’re not the type of person who says, “that’s not my job”.

- You take great joy and satisfaction seeing communities flourish because of your contributions.

- You’re looking for an opportunity that will developing your leadership skills.

- You’ve thought about pursuing a career in international education development.

- You enjoy presenting and connecting with a range of audiences, including the most senior stakeholders

Useful Experience but not Essential

- Qualified and experienced teacher / senior leader within a school

- Detailed knowledge and experience of teacher training programme design and delivery

- Experience of building partnerships across different stakeholder groups within the education sector

- Experience of research, data monitoring and evaluation of programmes

- Experience of successfully recruiting, managing performance, developing colleagues and delegating tolarge teams that you have been responsible for managing

- Experience managing and controlling expenditure, setting large scale budgets with input fromcolleagues, and have experience of contract management

- Experience working across multiple communication platforms, including Google Suite, Salesforce,Trello, Slack, Facebook/social media, etc.

Where could it lead?

- The perfect platform to understand progress in the International Development sector.

- Opportunities to move up within LRTT and take on roles and responsibilities.

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Compensation equivalent to $1200 / month provided as:

- Monthly stipend of $600 USD (£400 GBP)

- All accommodation

- 3 meals a day

- All work-related transport and communications (inc. SIM cards and WiFi)

- Three weeks paid vacation per year

- Up to £200 reimbursement for travel insurance

- Health insurance coverage where necessary.

- Anti-Malarial tablets (as needed)

- Two return flights home from programme locations (as agreed)

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to: