Recruitment and Labour Intermediation Services Consultant

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Full Time Temporary



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Central Jakarta


This role has responsibility for developing business solutions for our work in Indonesia on human trafficking, modern slavery, migration and displaced persons. You will have experience in delivering innovative business plans and an understanding of the Indonesian market. This is a short-term consultancy position (40 working days) based in Jakarta.

Job Description

Unskilled, female workers in Indonesia face many risks of being exploited and are vulnerable to modern-day slavery when they are employed overseas in locations away from their place of origin. Risks are especially large because of the existence of unscrupulous intermediaries who often play a key role in recruitment and placement. Brokers and recruiters prioritize profit at the expense of workers’ welfare, lack accountability and do not guarantee the best outcomes of migrant work. Workers often find themselves in debt to brokers and recruiters and deceived into work they did not agree to do whilst being underpaid.

Seefar cares about international, low-skilled migration flows because they are prone to abuse and offer opportunities to improve incomes and autonomy for poorer people. The markets for this labor demand attention because of the abuse and exploitation that is so common in them. Our focus is on creating market alternatives that remove the need for exploitation.

Seefar’s aim is to break into the “supply chain” with more accountable and ethical job matching services for low-skilled female workers from Indonesia. Our purpose is to create more secure opportunities that release women from debt-bondage and to provide services to would-be employers to manage their labour demands and meet recruitment challenges. We want to generate viable employment for unskilled women whilst working with companies and employers who are committed to protect forms of forced labour and modern slavery, safe conditions, and a fair living wage.

We are a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. We specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion. Our expertise is in strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. We work in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, North Africa, the Sahel and Europe. For more information about us, please visit

Our donors are primarily United Nations agencies, philanthropic organisations, universities, international organisations and national governments. We implement alone and in partnership with other development actors. To get a sense of the services we specialise in at Seefar, please visit


The purpose of your role is to deliver a plan that allows Seefar to create an ethical employment platform that provides opportunities, initially for women, to find fair employment, avoiding exploitative market conditions domestically and overseas. It is anticipated that this role will be a full-time role over the term of the contract with flexible working hours as agreed with your supervisor. You will be based in Jakarta and occasional travel may be required. You will deliver the following services:

Deliver: Market research

  1. Researching different dimensions of labour market systems – from supply to intermediaries and demand – that underpin unskilled labour migration. The research should include:
  2. Desk studies and analysis of existing data trends;
  3. Analysis of existing regulatory frameworks relating to intermediation, recruitment, and placement of workers;
  4. Interviewing stakeholders and market players, including existing intermediaries, recruiters, and agencies, government officials, potential employers, etc.;
  5. Any other tasks determined.
  6. The expected output of the research is a report that analyzes the market for unskilled labour migration and determines both supply and demand. The report should answer the following key questions:
  7. What kind of unskilled labour is in demand domestically and overseas (for example – household workers, elderly care, etc).
  8. Where are there opportunities for fair wages for unskilled female labour?
  9. What types of intermediation are present in the market (how do they operate, make profit and to what extent do they provide conditions for fair and transparent information and salaries)?
  10. What are companies interested in intermediation services – domestically and overseas?
  11. What margin are employers are willing to pay? What kinds of services are employers willing to pay a premium for?
  12. Who are existing operators in the market and what are Seefar’s opportunities for comparative advantage?

Develop: Plans and Recommendations

  1. From this market analysis, the most effective business model(s) for intermediation (such as matching services) should be determined and presented in written form;
  2. A clear and step-by-step guide on how to pursue the establishment of the recommended type of intermediary service in Indonesia. This should include recommended activities to complete the setup and clear steps for acquiring legality of the services provided;
  3. A clear breakdown of the determined flow/process from application to placement (with both domestic and overseas employers). This output should include any administrative procedures, legal and logistical requirements, etc. required to match and place job seekers with employers;
  4. A recommended business model to pursue that generates optimal social benefits, adheres to ethical labour standards but still generates sufficient revenue for scale. This includes a breakdown of cost structures for different tiered services provided for employment intermediation;
  5. Recommendations on further market research (key questions, suggested methods and data sources) required.

Direct: Global Management

  1. Represent and demonstrate the Enterprise’s values.
  2. Cooperating with other areas of the Enterprise to support corporate management overall. For example, adhering to financial and HR procedures.

Working with Seefar

You will deliver the outputs under the guidance and direct supervision of the Indonesia Country Manager. If you require an office space and internet facility, we can provide this to you. We expect the duration of the assignment to be a maximum of 40 working days. 

An Excellent Candidate

To excel in this role, you will have a track record of market research and business planning and demonstrated ability to understand opportunities within existing legal frameworks to create job matching services or intermediary services. You take initiative and are not shy about taking on new challenges and making a case for new approaches. You are trustworthy and seen as credible by all stakeholders. You have ideas about what works well in this industry and you have seen opportunities to do much better. You take responsibility to successfully delivery expected outputs. You are highly organised, have the ability to prioritise and are highly productive. You will be motivated by an Enterprise performance framework focused on social impact and demonstrate ethics and integrity.


You will deliver the outputs under the guidance and direct supervision of the Indonesia Country Manager. If you require an office space and internet facility, we can provide this to you. We expect the duration of the assignment to be a maximum of 40 working days.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

On or before 14 May 2018, complete our online application form. Before you start, you should do the following:

  1. Confirm you meet these minimum requirements:
  2. At least 7 years experience in business analysis, delivering business models or concepts for innovative solutions in Indonesia
  3. Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Labour, Economics, or a relevant field
  4. Track record of market research and business planning
  5. Motivation to achieving social impact.
  6. Complete fluency in Bahasa and proficiency in oral and written English.
  7. Availability to conduct the assignment
  8. Prepare a CV in Word or PDF format demonstrating qualifications, relevant work experience, and education
  9. A Brief proposal (max 10 pages outlining) in Word or PDF outlining the methodology, approach, work plan and price proposal to complete the assignment.