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Future Laboratories has the will and the resources to invest in mastering the science and art of team building, and we are seeking a Talent Associate to advance our work in cultivating Future Laboratories’ remarkable team.

As Talent Associate, you will be a key contributor to our People Team, dedicated to designing Future Laboratories as a great place to work. The Talent Associate role is designed as an entry point into -- and crash course on -- the philosophies, strategies, tools, and techniques of Talent Acquisition. This role is an ideal stepping stone for those who have limited experience working with Hiring Managers one-on-one and leading searches end-to-end, but who are eager to learn by working closely with Talent Managers and stepping into their shoes when needed. Talent Associates should approach their roles and responsibilities as rich learning opportunities that, when mastered, can pave the way for more one-on-one work with Hiring Managers, more ownership over a search, and ultimately greater levels of responsibility and leadership within Future Laboratories’ People Team.

As Talent Associate, you will be accountable for...

Supporting search design & execution

  • Collaborate with Talent Managers and Hiring Managers on the search kickoff process (including but not limited to: seeking search approval, drafting the role scope, designing the selection model, etc.);
  • Draft preliminary versions of recruitment resources for Hiring Manager and/or Talent Manager feedback (including but not limited to: role scopes, interview scripts, must-have qualities, Lever scorecards, Trial Project instructions, etc.);
  • Post jobs to future.com and to the Job Boards Master List where relevant;
  • Prepare Weekly Search Summary updates for Hiring Managers;
  • Participate in Hiring Manager meetings (including but not limited to: agenda preparation, note-taking, summarizing key takeaways and follow-ups, etc.);
  • Support with research and outreach targeting prospective candidates (including but not limited to: LinkedIn research/outreach, team referrals, etc.);
  • Progress candidates throughout Lever pipelines in a timely fashion;
  • Maintain accurate, up-to-date records of candidates within Lever (including but not limited to: importing email correspondence, ensuring team feedback is submitted in a timely fashion, using the “Notes” function, etc.);
  • Communicate with candidates in a responsive, courteous, professional, and supportive manner (including but not limited to: scheduling interviews, communicating advancements / rejections, answering questions, providing general information to interested parties, managing talent@future.com, etc.);
  • Conduct initial 30 min screening calls as a Talent Team representative;
  • Participate in subsequent stages of the interview process (including but not limited to: panel interviews, talent team debriefs, reference calls, etc.);
  • Provide logistical support for candidate on-sites and other later-stage interviews (including but not limited to: scheduling interviews, preparing digital and hardcopy candidate packets, arranging candidate travel, procuring refreshments, readying the room, holding interviewers accountable for submitting feedback, etc.).

Building our Talent Brand through relationships

  • Conduct exploratory / informational interviews with interested parties who could make great candidates for Future Laboratories in the future (“passive candidates”);
  • Advise the team on how best to handle expressions of interest and requests for informational interviews from interested parties (including but not limited to: taking on communications oneself, funneling candidates into the correct pipelines, etc.);
  • Maintain contact with companies, institutions, etc. who could advance our overall Talent Brand and/or support specific recruitment efforts (e.g. academic institutions, executive search firms, people-operations-related technology companies, etc.).

Supporting the People Team with special projects

  • Project manage select new initiatives on behalf of the People Team (including but not limited to: introducing new tools and technologies, training the broader team on elements of the search process, etc.);
  • Support others on the People Team with their own initiatives and special projects;
  • Conduct research and craft recommendations (e.g. pro’s vs. con’s) as needed; 
  • Draft preliminary versions of materials for review and revision as needed;
  • Support with the administration and management of special projects as needed;

Supporting the People Team with operational excellence

  • Participate in People Team meetings (including but not limited to: agenda preparation, note-taking, summarizing key takeaways and follow-ups, etc.);
  • Maintain organized, up-to-date, comprehensive Google Drive folder architecture;
  • Maintain organized, up-to-date, comprehensive Lever pipelines;
  • Assist in consistently and accurately obtaining data on the status of searches (including but not limited to pulling Lever reports);
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest upgrades to the Lever platform and ensure we are taking full advantage of its latest features / utilizing the tool most optimally;
  • Troubleshoot issues in Lever with their customer service team in a timely fashion;
  • Support in conducting research on the latest tools and technologies in Talent (including but not limited to: Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software, Performance Management software, Employee Engagement software, etc.);
  • Continuously curate the Job Boards Master List based on research and learnings;
  • Provide timely, conscientious, customer-service-oriented responses to inquiries from internal and external stakeholders alike.  

Learn more & apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/futurelaboratori/5205bec8-e933-4f48-b876-1fe340689070?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=Idealist

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Learn more & apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/futurelaboratori/5205bec8-e933-4f48-b876-1fe340689070?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=Idealist