Head of Business Development

Job Type

Full Time



Application Deadline



United Kingdom


Reports to: Director of Strategy and Development (DMI UK)

Start date: December 2018 / January 2019

Term: Full time, fixed contract.

Based in: Haggerston, London

Salary: £55k, plus benefits

Deadline: 30th September 2018 

About DMI

Development Media International (DMI) delivers mass media campaigns aimed at changing behaviours, promoting health and saving lives in developing countries. We are the first organisation to scientifically demonstrate that mass media can increase life-saving behaviours. DMI recently completed a 5-year, £7m randomised controlled trial in West Africa which showed that 56% more children were taken for treatment for malaria, 73% more for diarrhoea and 39% more for pneumonia following exposure to our campaign. Economic modelling indicates that our approach is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving children’s lives.

DMI’s head office (DMI UK) is situated in East London, overlooking the Regent’s Canal. We have a permanent presence in Burkina Faso, Mozambique, and Tanzania and also currently operate in Mauritania, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger, and Chad. We are now expanding our operations in East and Southern Africa. We have two priorities: first, to continue to generate ground-breaking research (we are conducting another randomised control trial in Burkina Faso, this time to measure our impact on contraceptive uptake), second, to take these proven strategies to scale, saving as many lives as possible. We work across a range of health issues, including child survival, reproductive health, nutrition and hygiene, and early childhood development.

DMI works in close partnership with leading experts in health, including WHO, UNICEF and LSHTM and has been funded by some of the world’s most prestigious organisations including the Wellcome Trust, DFID, Comic Relief, the Global Innovation Fund and the Mulago Foundation.

We are an innovative and rapidly growing organisation, working at the nexus between science and creativity. Our intellectual rigour, enthusiasm and willingness to learn from both our successes and mistakes, makes us distinct. DMI is on the cutting edge of how international development should work by demonstrating that knowledge is not only a human right, but is also the key to saving lives in a cost-effective way. Our ethos is non-hierarchical: all our staff are intellectually high-powered and we have a “best idea wins” culture. By working at DMI you will have a genuine, measurable impact on improving lives in low-income countries.

DMI is ranked as one of the most cost-effective non-profit organisations in the world by GiveWell and is endorsed by the Centre for Effective Altruism, Giving What We Can, ImpactMatters and The Life You Can Save.

Find out more on our website.

Job description

DMI is now looking for a Head of Business Development to lead DMI’s bids to major institutional donors, including DFID, USAID, and World Bank. Our ideal candidate will have significant experience of leading and winning competitive tender applications.

The Head of Business Development will join DMI’s small, friendly and dynamic London team. He or she will work closely with the Director of Strategy and Development. This role offers excellent benefits, a competitive salary, interesting travel opportunities and a varied and exciting range of responsibilities for the right candidate.

More specifically, the Head of Business Development role will include the following responsibilities:

1. Identifying and leading on large tenders to unilateral and bilateral donor.

2. Developing relationships with key stakeholders who are interested in our approach, including funders (in particular bilateral and multilateral organisations, foundations, companies and high net worth individuals), governments, implementers and the media.

3. Identifying opportunities for developing new mass media projects in developing countries, and designing projects that will save lives or improve health while also meeting the strategic priorities of both DMI and funders.

4. Writing and submitting successful concept notes and proposals to secure funding for those projects.

5. Communicating DMI’s work to stakeholders through writing briefing notes and documents, presentations, and content for the DMI website.

6. Other tasks as required by DMI.

Person specification

Required knowledge, skills and experience

1. Extensive experience of securing bids from major institutional donors, including DFID, USAID, and World Bank.

2. Very strong intellectual ability, as evidenced by a good degree, similar qualifications or extensive appropriate experience in a relevant field and performance at interview.

3. Substantial experience of writing proposals, presentations or analytical reports.

4. Knowledge of the international development field.

5. Potential to develop a detailed understanding of the applications of mass media and of public health issues.

6. Outstanding writing skills in English. The successful candidate must be able to communicate concisely, clearly and with flair.

7. Self-motivated and dynamic. High capacity for work, and resilient and good-humoured under pressure.

8. Excellent general communication skills, with an ability to conduct meetings authoritatively, to present well in public, and to enthuse donors.

9. Excellent IT skills, including the ability to use web-based content management systems and customer relationship management systems, proficiency on common office applications and general web literacy.

10. Ability to develop complex project budgets.

11. Ability to work in a team environment with technical and non-technical staff and to manage effective collaboration between partners and stakeholders, including those with differing agendas.

12. Self-motivated and dynamic. High capacity for work, and resilient and good-humoured under pressure.

13. Permission to live and work in the UK.

Desirable knowledge, skills and experience

1. Language skills in French or Portuguese

2. Experience of working in developing countries, for an NGO or in international development

3. Knowledge and experience working within global health and/or mass media environments

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement