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Neighborhood Partners

Neighborhood Partners works very closely with Telesis Corporation, an award-winning company founded in 1985 that has developed or planned a complex mix of $2.8 billion in public and private financing for the revitalization of neighborhoods. Its work has involved more than 17,000 units of affordable and mixed-income housing along with a wide range of commercial and civic uses. Telesis combines public and private investment to leverage local resources, and skillfully works with community leaders and residents to secure the organizational, civic, and financial support for a project’s success. Telesis also provides consulting services on issues involving affordable housing and community and economic development.

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Position Description

The Director of Community Engagement will be involved with all community-related activities at neighborhoods with more than 3,000 units managed by Neighborhood Partners throughout the country. The focus of the Director will be to focus on supporting and ensuring the engagement of our community members at all locations. The Director will do this with the support and understanding of our existing community coordinators who know the families well.  The Director will be responsible for helping to ensure such engagement and to support efforts by residents to provide resources to their community. In addition, to the extent there are services that are needed or already being provided by others in the community, the Director will assess those in collaboration with residents and the community coordinators to understand how Neighborhood Partners can support these efforts.  Locations include the Washington, DC area, Baltimore, MD, Pittsburgh, PA, Bradenton, FL and Wilmington, NC and Louisville, KY.  This position is based in the Washington, DC office and will involve about 20% travel.

Community Focus

The primary role of the Director of Community Engagement is to ensure residents have an opportunity and an interest in participating in the civic life of these communities. The Director will provide regular oversight and support of the Community Coordinators, will meet with the residents in each neighborhood, and also serve as a liaison and partner with the property management company. The Director will provide formal ongoing updates to Neighborhood Partners, no less than quarterly, on such efforts. The Director will assist the community coordinators in communication with the residents, and develop effective means for such collaboration based on the needs of each community. 

Essential Functions

·        Understanding the community and Partnering with Others

The Director will understand each community with respect to education, employment, income, age ranges and associated needs, health and safety.  Through the use of existing demographic data and a review of existing programs available to residents in the neighborhood or nearby, as well as the implementation of other tools such as surveys and tenant meetings, will develop a picture of each community. In collaboration with the Community Coordinators, the Director will assist in assessing existing services and in identifying as needed other possible partners to support the community.

·        Community Building and Civic Engagement

The Director will work with the Community Coordinator to create opportunities for community building and civic engagement. These may include options for volunteer

service, regular tenant meetings, social events and holiday gatherings. In addition, the Director will help to create Local Advisory Committees to become formally engaged in the programs provided or needed at the community.

·        Communication

The Director will be responsible for ensuring residents are part of the community and programming. Working closely with the Community Coordinator, the Director will ensure communication is provided regularly via a wide means of options (texting, Facebook, Instagram or other social media as it develops). In the event of emergencies, the Director will work closely with property management and the community coordinators to ensure communication about such event, and how to best respond.

·        Reporting

The Director will create an easy to use method for reporting from each community, and ensure such reporting is provided on a regular basis. In addition, the Director will prepare reports to facilitate communication among all key partners including property management, Telesis and all nonprofit partners as well.

·        Collaboration

Director will be responsible for collaboration and communication with all members of Neighborhood Partners LLC including especially the Regional Managers and local property management staff as well as staff from Telesis Corporation in the development and implementation of programming. The Director will help support the Community Coordinators in their efforts. 

Minimum Qualifications

·        Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in related field such as human services, sociology, urban studies.

·        Experience in community engagement and creating connections among people, and organizing others. 

·        Strong writing and oral communication skills, and organizational skills.

·        Experience in research and analysis.

·        Experience in understanding community programming and assessing its effectiveness and how to address the assets in the community.

·        Very skilled with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

·        Proactive self-starter with an ability to work independently with great judgment who is able to develop templates and processes to improve systems and implementation.

·        Superb communicator and very empathetic to understand the various backgrounds of our residents. 

·        More than 5-7 years experience in a similar role.

·        A team player


To be considered for the position send your compensation requirements via e-mail to The position will offer competitive salary and benefits.  

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Master's degree

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To be considered for the position send a cover letter and resume, as well as your compensation requirements via e-mail to The position will offer competitive salary and benefits.  Please do not contact the office by phone or fax.