Managing Director, On Purpose

Job Type

Full Time


Details: £59,000 - £64,000 p.a.



Application Deadline



United Kingdom


Role description

High-level responsibilities

The Managing Director will plan, run and develop On Purpose’s core business and build the organisation’s health and resilience for growth within the strategic framework agreed with the CEO and Board of Directors. They will lead the organisation across four important areas:


  • Work with the CEO to develop On Purpose’s long-term international direction, locations, programmes and capabilities
  • Develop, agree and implement long- and short-term plans to manage the organisation’s performance across multiple time-horizons
  • Prioritise investment to achieve these plans


  • Manage the organisation to deliver both high-quality impact and the resources needed to flourish now and prepare for future growth
  • Build on operational improvements and collaboration across all cities, programmes and support services
  • Coach and develop colleagues sustainably to deliver quality


  • Build on ongoing efforts to increase resilience and collaboration through improving cross-organisational processes (such as finance, IT, HR, marketing and programme delivery)
  • Continuously adapt our ways of working to role-model what we stand for, including, e.g., collaboration and systems-based approaches

Growth and innovation

  • Design with the CEO and colleagues concepts for new programmes and cities and take them from planning through pilot to core business
  • Oversee piloting of growth initiatives, such as new cities or programmes

Person Profile

Enable others to deliver to the highest standard:

  • Inspire clarity of direction, plan priorities realistically and role-model and uphold a culture of delivery, collaboration and accountability
  • Support individuals and teams sustainably to deliver their best and add up to more than the sum of their parts
  • Ensure individual and organisational learning, building on a culture of evidence and developmental feedback

Balance operational delivery with organisational health:

  • Trade off long-term and operational priorities for self and others; adjust resourcing to maintain sustainable momentum across priorities
  • Maintain medium-term focus on improving structures, processes and ways of working to raise quality, enable growth and ease work-loads
  • Develop great organisational resilience

Build and develop our dispersed team of colleagues:

  • Build momentum towards long-term organisational vision
  • Foster, with the team, an open, kind and empowering culture that welcomes diversity, develops individuals and elicits leadership from all
  • Improve personal sustainability for all colleagues


The CEO and MD will together need to develop a positive working relationship built on mutual trust and open communication.

Other particulars Job title and reporting lines:

Managing Director, On Purpose, reports to the CEO and will manage all other colleagues.


The role involves travel to Berlin and Paris.

Equal opportunities:

We are a community that welcomes diversity in all forms, through different professional and personal backgrounds, and encourage applications from anyone who’s passionate about purpose-led work.



On Purpose will contribute of 5% of gross salary to your pension. You will also be able to make additional employee contribution and may, in future, be required to do so in line with auto-enrolment requirements.


You will have twenty-five days of annual leave in addition to bank holidays.

Level of Language Proficiency

On Purpose’s common organisational language is English. An ability to speak or read French and/or German is, however, advantageous.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To apply:

Please email your CV and cover letter to Alke Healy by the 29 November 2018 on and include “MD application” in your subject line.

On Purpose

Please see our full job description here for more information about On Purpose's business, core values and principles.