INTERNSHIP in GUATEMALA: Social Media and Graphic Designer for Ethical Fashion Brand

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $150
Maximum: $250
Details: Local Stipend Internship



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About Hiptipico:

Hiptipico ethical fashion brand is a carefully curated collection of authentic artisan-level products designed by the Mayan people and thoughtfully handcrafted in Guatemala.

Hiptipico's initiative creates a sustainable avenue for local artisans to sell their unique handmade items to a larger global market. Hiptipico strives to find the highest quality items and provide them at a reasonable price for the consumer while providing a steady income for local businesses and their families. Working directly with multiple vendors, cooperatives, and families in Guatemala, Hiptipico cultivates relationships and directly provides additional revenue into the local economy.

The Hiptipico brand fosters an environment for socially responsible consumers who are seeking an alternative to mass-produced and copied designs. Every single Hiptipico item is 100% authentic and is ethically produced.

Hiptipico honors the Mayan culture, motivates local entrepreneurial spirits and empowers families and communities. | @hiptipico

About the Founder:

Alyssa has lived and worked alongside indigenous artisans for 5 years in rural Guatemala. Dedicated to sharing their craft, culture and history with the world, Alyssa founded Hiptipico in 2012 with the goal to give Mayan artisans a voice and global platform to sell their handmade goods.

With an M.A. in Economic Development of Latin America from Georgetown, Alyssa uses her academic background to create sustainable initiatives to further support female artisans and their families. Using social media and blogging to showcase artisans and their craft, she also manages strategy plans, business development, seasonal buying, artisan relations, evaluates impact, and oversees all other major projects.

IG: @alyssaya

Position: Social Media and Graphic Design INTERN

Internship Description: Hiptipico is looking for a dedicated intern to help support our current operations and social media branding. Tasks include but are not limited to product photography, post-processing, graphic design, newsletter campaigns, social media support and influencer targeting. 

Duration: Minimum of 3 Months 

Location: Panajachel, Guatemala

Other than being extremely passionate, applicant should also meet these qualifications:

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Required

Available Immediately

High Energy / Positive Attitude

Knowledge of Current Fashion Trends

Technologically Proficient

Globally Minded

Culturally Sensitive and Aware 

Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Social Media, Photography, Post-Processing, SEO, Meta Tags, HTML, CSS.

For more information:




IG: @hiptipico

Founder: @alyssaya


Cell Phone, Internet, Visa Coverage, Airport Transport

Level of Language Proficiency

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Required

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please send a thoughtful cover letter, resume and portfolio to subject line "Idealist Applicant: Social Media and Graphic Design Intern"