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Galileo is looking for an inspiring and performance-driven Vice President of People to take our already strong people practices and culture to the next level.

Who are you?

  • You are inspired by Galileo’s mission and purpose. Educating the next generation of innovators and working in a professional, welcoming, camp-inspired environment should sound like things you’re ready to explore or sign up for.

  • You love all things people — talent acquisition and development, storytelling and brand-building, hiring processes, employee services, compliance, and the operations that flow between it all. You have the knowledge and experience to support work in a wide swath of people-related areas.

  • You’re performance-driven, goal-oriented, and strategic. You keenly see what is most important to achieving success, in both the short- and long-term, and you actively drive toward this vision every day. You manage yourself and your team based on strategic priorities, achieving what is most crucial and cutting through what feels urgent in favor of what is truly important.


  • You’re an operations and accountability powerhouse. You look at the details of life through a lens of optimization, measurement and efficiency and feel responsible for getting things done. You’re usually the person who sees the shortest distance between two points, can easily show your way of thinking to others, and can inspire those around you toward pursuit of a goal.

  • You care deeply, and are a servant leader. You measure your success in part by the success of teammates, and by how well you’ve supported cross-functional stakeholders and business partners. You view your working relationships as an ecosystem, and feel excited to serve those who rely on you. You help people grow both personally and professionally, and believe the role of a manager is to lift up those they supervise and support.

  • You’re an inspiring presence. You see a true north in everything you do, and have no trouble illuminating the path for others. You’re able to reach people on a deep level, and move individuals and teams in the direction of a greater purpose. People love working alongside of you.

  • You are a learner, investigator, and all-around growth-fiend. You are hungry for the latest, newest, best ideas, and (even in your free time) think about and pursue new information about people tools, resources and strategy.

What’s the job, really?

We’re looking for a VP of People who is both a visionary and an operator — both an inspiring, caring leader and a master of scale and efficiency.


  • You’ll set the vision, oversee operations, and determine the markers of success. The Galileo people team is responsible for the entirety of the employee lifecycle — from brand to benefits and beyond. You’ll be accountable for the vision and implementation in all areas, working collaboratively with a team of leaders inside and outside the People Operations department.


  • You’ll hit your numbers. You’ll ensure that each of our hiring managers see the right number of candidates to fill every open role, including 2,000 (and growing) summer staff positions annually.


  • You’ll be a company leader. Working with other leadership team members, and through your role as the voice of people at Galileo, you’ll heavily influence people direction, teach others about Galileo’s people philosophy, and align operational decisions with values and company goals.


  • You’ll lead, support, collaborate with and develop a team of ~15. You’ll be a supportive manager with high expectations, who takes this part of your role seriously. You’ll engage with and actively evaluate potential — strengths and areas of growth — and will thoughtfully push your team to greatness.


  • You’ll champion the greater Galileo hiring team. You’ll work closely with cross-company stakeholders and hiring managers. You’ll develop deep empathy for the experience of all Galileo staff end-users, and champion their needs as you lead the People function.


  • You’ll orient, inculcate and train. With your team, with hiring managers, with Camp Directors, and with the greater HQ, you’ll be a voice of hiring practices, procedural updates, people vision, and everything in between — supporting existing or developing new content along the way. You’ll lead specific areas of team and Camp Director training, and HQ engagement & events.


  • You’ll consistently act, achieve and operate. Working from a results-oriented mindset and, with exceptional executional savvy, you’ll get things done. You’ll know the priorities and non-negotiables, having set them, and will quickly cut through obstacles to achieve more in a day than most. You’ll set the bar high for yourself and for your team, and will consistently exceed expectations.


  • You’ll manage the plan to budget. You’ll oversee the P&L of the people function, as well as other company-wide accounts.


What are we looking for?

  • 7+ years in a company leadership role. 
  • 7+ years of people-oriented management experience and leadership
  • 7+ years of performance accountability, P&L management. 
  • Specialization and depth of experience in multiple people-oriented realms: brand, high volume acquisition, selection & hiring processes, legal & compliance, employee relations, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience building and scaling both systems and culture.


  • 401(k), employee medical and dental benefits provided by Galileo


  • Generous parental leave and extensive support with leave planning.


  • 20 personal days per year.


  • Significant discounts on camp programs.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply