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BURN designs, manufactures, and distributes aspirational fuel-efficient cooking products that save lives and forests in the developing world. BURN has revolutionized the global cookstove sector by proving the business case for selling a high quality, locally manufactured and unsubsidized cookstoves. Since 2013, BURN has sold 400,000 cookstoves in East Africa, which have helped 2,000,000+ beneficiaries save $45 million in fuel expenditures and 926,221 tons of wood while reducing indoor air pollution by 65%. BURN is experiencing strong growth and intends to increase sales by more than 50% in 2018. BURN is growing quickly and is looking for someone to help fuel this growth from the operations side.


·        Oversee and drive growth in the Production, Maintenance, Quality, Supply Chain, and Inventory departments.

·        Liaising with the senior management team to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals.

·        Planning and monitoring the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress.

·        Budgeting and reporting.

·        Ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

·        Help drive new products into stable operations, including project management, updating systems, planning for resources, timelines, etc.

·        Ownership of ERP system.

·        Material planning and forecasting.

·        Plan and implement new systems.

·        Continuous improvement in systems, products, production, communication, and people.

·        Team management.

Desired Experience:

·        2 years’ of experience as Head of Operations, General Manager, or the like

·        2 years’ experience working in international environment

·        1-year experience forecasting

·        5 years’ working experience in a production environment

·        Engineering background is a plus

·        Experience in East Africa is a plus

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Master's degree