Engineering Director

Job Type

Full Time




Casa Hispania
Calle Colombia y Calle 44 Este


*We are currently looking for an interim engineering director to assist in leading a group of engineering students through our Spring semester from January 14- April 1. 

Job Description

You have a curious mind and strive to know how things work. You can design systems to manage waste and simultaneously manage a group of college aged students. You’re the type of person who would get lost in the wild and think to build a Rube Goldberg machine to get your water in the morning. You’re a juxtaposition of a civil, environmental, and mechanical engineer. You have a degree in engineering and crave the hands on application of your knowledge. You don't mind getting your hands dirty and feel comfortable hiking through the jungle to check a water line and digging through mud to fix a leak. You are a natural leader and motivator and would feel comfortable leading university level students for 10 weeks. You have lived or are interested in living in an off-the-grid wilderness environment. You are an expert in your field and enjoy writing and speaking about relevant and innovative topics. 

Each week there will be five hours of traditional education to your students in the form of lecture or seminar based learning. For fifteen hours each week, your students will serve in assistant roles as you lead them in your own Kalu Yala based Engineering project utilizing the experiential learning model. Ten hours are reserved for you to facilitate your students pursuing independent projects that serve the community and build off skills learned in class. Our solar panels on property give us access to power and wifi which will be utilized to properly communicate with other departments as well as to document project completion. Directors will be evaluated on skills in project management, facilitation and teaching.

Preferred skills:

  1. Experience living and working in an off-the-grid environment
  2. Masters or PhD in your field
  3. Experience publishing academic papers and conducting research
  4. Teaching or TA experience
  5. Spanish speaker
  6. Wilderness First Responder or other medical training
  7. CPR certified
  8. Manual vehicle/4x4 experience
  9. Flexible and resilient
  10. Experience living in community



  1. 2+ years working in the engineering field
  2. Strong desire and willingness to live and work in an off-the-grid environment
  3. Mechanical, environmental, civil engineering related degree
  4. Strong planner who enjoys organization
  5. Group leadership skills and high social/emotional intelligence
  6. Comfortable and familiar with team communication and project management tools including Google Docs and Slack.
  7. Desire to help fulfill the vision of Kalu Yala, expressed here:
  8. Looking forward to living in a comfortable camp in the Panamanian jungle

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish speaker preferred but not required.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please follow the link above to apply.