Order and Inventory Associate at BioLite

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Full Time




New York
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SUMMARY: Cutting edge clean technology company is seeking a detail-oriented member to manage the entry, communication and follow-through of all wholesale and ecommerce orders.


TITLE: Order & Inventory Associate

LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York

HOURS: Full-time

REPORTS TO: Support Manager


COMPENSATION: Salary is competitive with other fast-growing startups plus company equity, a profit-based bonus plan, and generous benefits.



BioLite is looking for a highly motivated self-starter who is excited about taking the next step in his or her career at a fun, fast-paced, socially conscious startup environment. Reporting to the Support Manager, the Order and Inventory Associate will accept orders, ensure they are fully allocated to inventory and then send them to our warehouse for fulfillment. They will also handle all inbound and outbound communication with customers regarding their orders.

This is an exciting opportunity to play a vital role within BioLite. Our retail and corporate clients are key to our development, and this job is an opportunity to grow both channels.



·     Ensure Proper Execution of all Wholesale Orders: Ensures that all orders are received, entered, shipped and invoiced in a timely, accurate manner. This includes: managing the wholesale channel’s various global order pipelines; reviewing and entering orders, projecting and communicating delivery timelines; ensuring that freight terms and routing guides are kept up to date and followed at the warehouse; communicating and facilitating resolution of quality issues; and communicating inventory shortfalls and delays.

·     Review and Release all E-commerce Orders: Reviews all ecom orders for possible fraudulent activity, completes all last-minute cancellation and change requests, and releases orders to our warehouse for shipment. Responsible for getting each order into the hands of our customer and troubleshooting any issues that may come up with the shipment.

·     Provide Exceptional Service to Wholesale & E-commerce Customers: Responds to all inbound communication concerning individual orders via email and phone. Proactively notifies customers of any delays or issues with their current open orders, and works with marketing for more widespread backorder notifications.

·     Inventory Management on Sales Channels: Manages the inventory levels and product availability on several of our sales channels and dealer portals.


·     Facilitate Credits and Merchandise Returns: Works with customers to resolve product issues. Coordinates credit memos, issues RMAs, and resolves shipment coordination for product replacements, where necessary.



·     Basic experience in phone or email customer service/support.

·     Tech savvy and comfortable in the Google Doc/Microsoft Office suite.

·     Experience with and/or desire to learn corporate sales, domestically and internationally.

·     Eagerness to work collaboratively and brainstorm with a tight-knit, hardworking community of professionals.

·     Has the sense of humor, proactive approach, and work ethic necessary to thrive in a fast-moving, team-oriented company.



·     Familiarity with company products and with the outdoor industry a plus.

·     Detail and process oriented, enthusiastic, well-spoken, eager to learn.

·     Bonus points for being a triple-checker.


BioLite is a dynamic, rapidly growing, and profitable social enterprise that develops, manufactures and markets consumer energy products for off-grid communities around the world. Over the last three years, our team has tripled, and sales have increased each year. Since 2012, we have launched ten products, and we expect to launch more than ten products in 2016. Our business serves two distinct markets: 1) developing world families living in energy poverty, and 2) outdoor enthusiasts seeking fuel-independent cooking, lighting and off-grid power. We address these markets simultaneously through parallel innovation: by incubating core technologies that can serve users in both markets, we are able to re-invest near-term revenue to solve long-term, high-impact problems.


Developing World:

Half the planet still cooks on indoor open wood fires and the toxic smoke they emit kills nearly 4 million people every year, twice as many as malaria. BioLite has developed an advanced, affordable, clean- burning stove that combines unprecedented emissions reductions with economically valuable electricity generation. The HomeStove is capable of reducing indoor smoke by more than 90% while cutting fuel use in half. By providing our largely off-grid customers with the ability to charge cell phones and LED lights, our stoves create economic incentive for purchase and continued use, ensuring sustainable delivery of our health and environmental benefits.

Funded by the company’s profits and the generous support of the US Department of Energy and USAID, BioLite is currently conducting large-scale HomeStove pilot programs in India, Uganda, and Ghana. We aim to fully commercialize the product in the near future.


Outdoor and Emergency:

BioLite has quickly emerged as a leading innovator in the personal energy space. Whether camping in the backcountry or toughing it out during a power outage, our core technologies allow people to cook meals, boil water, light their way and charge their electronic devices using nothing but the sticks and twigs collected around them. Our CampStove, along with its accessories, offers a green alternative to petroleum cooking, combining the speed and reliability of an advanced stove with the appeal of a traditional campfire. The product’s power generator keeps users connected when it matters most.

Our product roadmap has exciting new innovations, which will continue our expansion in the Outdoor and Emergency markets, allowing people to create, store and share energy in any situation they find themselves. Our products are now in over 70 countries worldwide and are found in all major outdoor retailers, including REI, EMS, and Bass Pro Shops.

Professional Level

None specified

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No requirement

How To Apply


Please submit your resume and cover letter and let us know why you'd like to work at BioLite.

Company is not accepting candidates via recruiters.