DRC Logistics Consultant

Job Type

Part Time Contract



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Democratic Republic of the Congo


BURN Manufacturing works to save lives and forests in the developing world by designing and manufacturing clean burning cookstoves. BURN has developed a modern manufacturing facility in Ruiru, Kenya that is currently producing more than 1000 stoves each day. In 2018, BURN started operating in the DRC, and is currently seeking a consultant to assist in logistics for stove shipments from Kenya to all parts of DRC.



·        Be responsible for supply chain from Kenya to DRC including organizing export with appropriate shippers from Kenya and with local import agents in DRC

·        Identify the best options for importing duty-free or low duty from Kenya to DRC

·        Identify the cheapest and most efficient shipping options for a matrix of DRC destinations and shipment sizes

·        Identify the most flexible and competent clearing agencies in each DRC destination

·        Be responsible for in-country shipments within DRC, and identify the best shipping options for each location

·        Assist the Business Development Manager in DRC with logistics advice and shipment organizing/tracking.

·        Assist the Business Development Manager in DRC with supplier identification and negotiation.

Desired Qualifications & Experience:

·        Degree/diploma in relevant field

·        5+ years previous experience of dealing with import/export, with experience in DRC strongly preferred

·        Experience in the consumer goods industry

·        Excellent Microsoft Office skills

·        Ideally proficient in French and English

·        Detail oriented

Starting Range

       Compensation commensurate with experience.


      To apply please send your CV and cover letter to recruitment.Kenya@burnmfg.com

Level of Language Proficiency

French and English

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply