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About Us

SenegalStyle VOLUNTEERS! is a citizen based response to real needs in Dakar, Senegal.

We partner volunteers with regular people, people who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families and need just a bit of help to reach that next level...

If you have a special talent, like American Sign Language (which is what is used here in Senegal, interestingly enough, since Senegal is a Francophone country!) please let me know. We really need remedial instructors.

Another need is in establishing English and Spanish clubs for students of all levels, working with schools, community centers, libraries and clinics to help them target NGOs for much needed materials and supplies, working in women's and well baby clinics, coaching girls & boys basketball, softball, football and any other sports you're qualified to coach, including fencing, tennis, golf, etc., adding your expertise to our local international championship Scrabble and chess teams, organic gardening, helping regular working people, artists and musicians get organized and get their products online, IT and computer programmers, sharing marketing strategies with street vendors and fruit sellers, teaching English to business people in the markets, setting up websites and teaching people how to access REAL INFORMATION on the internet that will help them and their families and helping college graduates find international schools & jobs online that meet their qualifications, and lastly, filling the void in underserved populations such as orphans, women's and men's and prisons,...

THIS is what will increase individual income levels to chip away at the systemic UNDERDEVELOPMENT of AFRICA and THIS is what SenegalStyle VOLUNTEERS DO!

One person (YOU) can and will make a big difference overall in the fight against global poverty. Help that child's DAD make his product more competitive to sell his items to a larger market - Assist that baby's MOTHER by teaching her FRENCH (most market women and female street vendors speak Wolof only, not French and rarely English) or getting her back in school, and you help THAT CHILD... they can take care of their own children and they WILL and DO the best they can, but it's not our place to interfere with family dynamics as a 'savior', coming between parents and their children.

We believe that HELPING THE WORKING POOR, the STUDENTS, the MOTHERS and the FATHERS of the children you see on television, and directing their efforts to LIFTING THEMSELVES out of POVERTY rather than WAITING ON CHARITY, will do more good towards the LONG TERM eradication of poverty.

I am here on the ground (since 199) and have seen the difference a small suggestion can make to increase the individual incomes of jewelry sellers in the market, like making earrings to match beaded necklaces. That's a 'thing' that they never did before. Now they do! 

Sometimes people just need an outsider's perspective, a different focus or a chance to have their horizons opened to new ideas, to do things differently, to SEE a better future and FIGHT FOR IT THEMSELVES...

If this is what you believe, REALLY BELIEVE, then contact SenegalStyle VOLUNTEERS - .

YOU have a special talent to share, everyone does, even if YOU don't know what it is! lol! I will pull it out of you so USE IT to help others while you visit our wonderful country!

Thank you!

Sineta George

SenegalStyle VOLUNTEERS!