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South Africa

About Us

The EXPEDITION Project has reinvented volunteer tourism by taking it on a road trip including static and mobile projects. This offers volunteers access to a far greater scope of projects and a large variety of cultures and landscapes. It contributes to the sustainability of the organisation through the funds it generates, but it also contributes valuable skills to the team. Volunteers are directly involved in project assessments and practical project support. Additionally, they assist with expedition research, which is a significant aspect of the organisation’s work. They also assist with the creation and publication of media material that gives all stakeholders excellent exposure and networking opportunities.

The EXPEDITION Project offers people a panoramic experience of South Africa while giving them opportunities to meaningfully contribute to worthy social and environmental projects. Its overland expeditions cover large areas of the country, giving volunteers a chance to encounter diverse cultures and landscapes. Its network of tourism partners also provides a wide range of quality accommodation – ranging from guest lodges to community home-stays. The geographical scope and extended duration of the expeditions also make for flexible touring options, allowing volunteers to join for anything from a few days to two months. By 2014/2015 volunteers and staff will be dropped off at our identified projects for longer periods of intensive and hands-on assistance and support.