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About Us

Workforce Humanity is a unique humanitarian organization that is addressing the gap in the international humanitarian sector. The organization targets entry level candidates and helps them find Humanitarian jobs. There is a current increase in the amount of international humanitarian jobs that need skilled humanitarian workers and a gap in available candidates. Workforce Humanity has developed the Humanitarian Development Program to give entry level people a hand at getting in the sector. This program offers field experience in targeted sectors with local NGOs.

We aim to improve social and economic conditions in developing countries by a bottom up approach, empowering grassroots action by exclusively partnering with local NGOs to develop their technical expertise and strategic capacity enabling them to respond to their beneficiaries needs.

The goal of Workforce Humanity is to bridge the gap so that entry level international humanitarian workers have the opportunity to work in the humanitarian sector by identifying the training needed and the entry level opportunities they should apply to.

Thousands of passionate and dedicated potential aid and development workers cannot find work and as they do not have practical field experience. NGOs will not hire individuals who have not been to the field which makes the the Humanitarian job search an endless cycle.