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About Us

Model Westminster brings together young people from across London, who have an interest in understanding the society around them. For two days of the year, pupils will simulate the British Government and manage their own constituency.

From budgeting, to lobbying young people will have to address policy challenges, dependent on the demography, economy and geography of their area. Taking into consideration a wide variety of sources and opinions that influence policy making.

Competing against one another, winners will move on to regional and national levels where they will take on greater challenges and replicate officials from Cabinet Ministers to Mayors and Mayoresses.

At the core of Model Westminster, is a social enterprise which will tackle the common misconceptions of Politicians by the younger generation. Model Westminster will serve a means to bridge the gap between the two entities and create a dialouge where both parties can appreciate the other and share a mutual understanding of society.

Similarly, we believe that by allowing young people to replicate the jobs of their leaders, they will be more inclined to participate in Politics, from local campaigning to voting in the General Election.