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Support Needy Children withstand the challenges of Covid-19

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Equator30(EA) Limited
Kampala, Uganda

Equator30(EA) Limited

Published 15 days ago

January 4, 2021
9:00am EAT
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Support Needy Children withstand the challenges of Covid-19

Dianah Bisasso is a covid-19 remnant who has lived with asthma for over 20 years. I am a Ugandan resident and on 20th August 2020 I took my first test for Covid-19. On 25th August 2020 I received the breaking news from a health officer that I was positive with covid-19.

I was requested to prepare for a pickup by the hospital ambulance however, there was a lot of panic, I could not stand the emotional torture for my three little boys aged 12, 9 and 7. I requested the ambulance driver to pick me from the road-side. Reaching Mulago hospital I got out of the ambulance and I was sprayed like a cockroach. What a terrible experience! I was admitted to the covid ward and I was quarantined for 17 days. It was so traumatizing being torn apart from your family and staying in isolation without my children. The stigma was terrible that my boys were neglected by the neighbors, relatives and friends for fear of being close contacts. Luckily enough the boys and my husband tested negative two times and I also tested negative after the third follow up test and I was discharged on 12th September 2020.

For the first time in a life time I celebrated my 37th Covid birthday on 13th September 2020 as a lasting memory. 

Today as I recover from the stigma, It is with great passion that I desire to reach out to children who have been neglected or abandoned during the covid-19 pandemic to restore their hope and uphold the rights of a child.

It on this note therefore, that I call upon well-wishers to stand with Equator30 (EA) Limited for this noble cause.

I am a director to Equator30 (EA) Limited a nonprofit that was registered in Uganda in 2018 Reg. No. 80020001468656 with a mission of Educating, Feeding, Nourishing and Empowering Uganda’s children. We have offices in Buziga Kampala.

Equator30 (EA) Ltd is a sister company to Equator30 USA EIN 30-0949286 9208 Arnie Court, Manassas Park VA 20111.

Our objectives include but are not limited to;

1. To safeguard the rights of children exposed to any form of abuse, deprived of education and those suffering from mental and physical illness. 

2. To mentor and provide guidance to the youth 

3. To play the role of advocacy for all parents and children to know the UN convention on the rights of the child 

4. To promote the aims, values and principles of UN convention on rights of the child. 

We plan to raise funds to implement a project: Supporting Children in slum areas of central Uganda to withstand the challenges of covid-19

We plan to carryout baseline survey using the Open Data Kit to collect data from households in the slum areas of central Uganda to determine impact of covid-19 on children in the poor communities.

We shall focus on;

 1. Vulnerable adolescents abused during the lockdown, and those persevering to withstand the challenges of covid-19. 

2. Children below 18 years deprived of their rights during and after the lock down 

We plan to engage idle adolescents in productive activities and shape them into responsible citizens.

To groom adolescents in terms of personal hygiene, self-respect and confidence

To provide incentives like school requirements, sanitary pads, deodorants, sanitizers etc.

A detailed budget will be shared with interested donors on request.Equator30 ghetto youth programme aims to enhance lives of the ghetto youth through mentoring to discover one's potential/abilities and promote employment opportunities and independent living.

Many young adults, male and female are resorting to ghetto life and engaging in malpractice to earn a living. They feel neglected by Society and find it hard to identify with the public.

The ghetto youth are mainly identified with dreadlocks which makes it hard to find employment in the formal sector where physical appearance highly scores as part of the oral interviews.

Ghetto youths include;

HIV positives

Children neglected by their parents

School drop-outs


Abandoned women

Sexually harassed women

Bad addictions from peer pressure

These young and energetic individuals can be more productive when their potential/abilities are explored and utilized appropriately leading to community development.

At Equator30 we mentor the ghetto youth and engage them in productive activities that can earn them a living.

Volunteers are an important part of Equator30 and we welcome those who wish to participate in the our programmes.


To appropriately plan and organize outcome focused activities that support the ghetto youth to overcome individual, social and imortional barriers and create personal development plans for the future.

To help ghetto youths develop life skills and accomplish specific goals.

To provide awareness of community, educational and economic resources available and how to access these resources.

To motivate the ghetto youth and help them build self esteem.

To help the ghetto youth set goals and work towards accomplishing them.


Be atleast 18 years.

Be interested in working with young people from different cultures.

Be dependable and consistent in delivering service.

Be a good listener, tolerant and respectful of individual differences.

Be a source of encouragement and support.

Be patient and flexible.

Have good relationship building skills.


Experience in youth work mentoring and advice/guidance.

Experience in delivery of youth initiatives focusing on good relations and personal development.

Experience of working with community and volunteer sector.

Personal commitment to addressing the needs of the ghetto youth.


Proven track records in assisting young people reduce barriers in education, training and employment.

Experience of using evaluation tools to monitor the impact of youth work.


Certificate of completion.

Personal fulfilment through contribution to Equator30 and ghetto youth.

Satisfaction in helping the ghetto youth mature, progress and achieve goals.

Introduction to different world views, cultures, traditions and languages.

Deeper understanding of teen and societal problems.

Improved interpersonal skills.

Dianah Bisasso is a covid-19 remnant who has lived with asthma for over 20 years. I am a Ugandan resident and on 20th August 2020 I took my first test for Covid-19. On 25th August 2020 I received the breaking news from a health officer that I was…

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  • Fee Required: $5000
  • Remote Possible
  • Housing Available
  • Language / Cultural Support Available
  • Groups Welcome
  • Families Welcome
  • International Volunteers Welcome


Buziga lower Mawanga

Buziga Road, Gava road, Kampala +256, UG

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