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Virtual Volunteer Financial Analyst Volunteer, Wildfire Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing

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El Dorado Hills, CA
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Virtual Volunteer Financial Analyst Volunteer, Wildfire Prevention Derivatives,

In Peter Diamandis November 12th 2020 trends of the next decade, was: "The insurance industry transforms from "recovery after risk" to "prevention of risk:" Our thesis "prevention derivatives" thesis is that anchor stakeholders at risk could demonstrably identify their self-interest in wildfire prevention of air-pollution. is working to accelerate that transformation via "prevention derivatives". co-hosts the Prevention Derivatives Initiative. The Prevention Derivatives Initiative is starting with wildfire prevention in North America, South America and Australia in our pilot phase of development. Prevention Derivatives represents a strategy to address the global cooperation gap in risk prevention?

Stakeholders share liabilities. Catastrophes cause harm to insurers, reinsurers, Insurance-linked-security holders, corporations, individuals, and whole regions. If we can prevent these risks with social innovation cost effectively that is a collective opportunity. Prevention derivatives is driven by the thesis that there is an under-valuation of passive risk (or the cost of inaction) and an under-prioritization of positive risk. Correspondingly for wildfires as an example, there is an under-recognition of the potential shared value upside of preventative action through social innovation and social interventions (such as goats & sheep that prevent wildfires).'s aim is to guarantee positive risk through leveraging existing liabilities to allow for the implications of prescriptive analytics to be financed. The under-pricing of passive risk means that liabilities are treated as either costs of doing business or un-predictable risks even for entirely preventable risks. Risk management offices have been too biased towards avoiding taking the wrong risks rather than ensuring that institutions make their own luck by seizing the abundant positive risk opportunities in social innovation. Meanwhile, the bias against positive risk leaves social innovations not to get adopted even if there would be remarkable benefits to all stakeholders if they were adopted. recruits multi-disciplinary volunteers from a variety of backgrounds in order to support our research and development of systems change relevant social innovations.

Please help us in our Prevention Derivatives research through applying here to join us and collaborate as a virtual volunteer for systems change at CrowdDoing for Prevention Derivatives and/or our other initiatives.

You can see a 35 minute video (This has been assembled as a montage of clips of how we've presented the concept externally at conference sessions and in internal interviews.) on prevention derivatives here:

Develop core analytical capabilities or model libraries, using advanced statistical, quantitative, or econometric techniques.

Provide application or analytical support to researchers or traders on issues such as valuations or data.

Research or develop analytical tools to address issues such as portfolio construction or optimization, performance measurement, attribution, profit and loss measurement, or pricing models.

Maintain or modify all financial analytic models in use.

Apply mathematical or statistical techniques to address practical issues in finance, such as derivative valuation, securities trading, risk management, or financial market regulation.

Research new financial products or analytics to determine their usefulness.

Devise or apply independent models or tools to help verify results of analytical systems.

Define or recommend model specifications or data collection methods.

Confer with other financial engineers or analysts on trading strategies, market dynamics, or trading system performance to inform development of quantitative techniques.

Interpret results of financial analysis procedures.

Collaborate with product development teams to research, model, validate, or implement quantitative structured solutions for new or expanded markets.

Produce written summary reports of financial research results.

Consult traders or other financial industry personnel to determine the need for new or improved analytical applications.

Identify, track, or maintain metrics for trading system operations.

Prepare requirements documentation for use by software developers.

Collaborate in the development or testing of new analytical software to ensure compliance with user requirements, specifications, or scope.

If you have any questions about processes for joining as a volunteer to support our efforts in systemic change please write to

Virtual Volunteer Financial Analyst Volunteer, Wildfire Prevention Derivatives,

In Peter Diamandis November 12th 2020 trends of the next decade, was: "The insurance industry transforms from "recovery after risk" to…

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