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Volunteer in Peru: Teach English and other Subjects in the Andes in Peru

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Cusco, Cusco, Peru

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Full time (30+ hrs/wk)

Volunteer in Peru: Teach English and other Subjects in the Andes in Peru

Tired of being in lockdown? Do you want to travel again?

Peru is closed, but we are open for volunteers in Ecuador!

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The Project:

NGO Taxi is looking for volunteers to support four schools in the Peruvian Andes that provide flexible and inclusive learning for children. In Peru, public education is free for children aged 7-16 years old, however there are still significant barriers to learning for many, particularly students from families with little income as children often have to work in the daytime. Our partner schools hold morning, afternoon, and evening classes in order to ensure that those children who need to work to help support their families can still access education.

This is your opportunity to become a volunteer teaching assistant!

Project Summary

The school children are from Cusco city and the surrounding area. The schools are public schools, funded by the government. As such, they differ from the initiatives we usually partner with. However, the approach they have to ensuring that education is still accessible to children living in poverty, and particularly those who have to work in the daytime, is something we feel warrants support. Since Cusco is the major hub from where tourists leave to Machu Picchu better paid jobs can usually only be found in the tourism sector.

Without speaking English children won’t have access to any of these jobs. Fluent English speakers can increase the quality of the English language education for these students and therefore give them a chance to either find a good local job or be able to study.

Volunteer Responsibilities

You will be working with a teacher who is in charge of the class. The schools follow a set curriculum, but there will be some opportunity for flexibility and creativity. As an NGO Taxi volunteer at our schools you

  • assist teachers in planning and/ or delivering lessons
  • serve as a role model for the students
  • support and motivate students during lessons
  • provide fluent-speaker modeling in English classes, and work one-on-one with students
  • design and/ or run activities during, or outside of class times
  • assist with monitoring tasks by filing reports for NGO Taxi
  • maintain a diary of your time with the project (photos and blog)
  • help with daily errands and other administrative tasks

The exact tasks you will be asked to carry out will depend on the current needs and priorities of the project as determined by the camp manager and NGO Taxi management. The tasks stated here are therefore examples of some of the possible types of activities you will be asked to do.

Working hours 

You will be expected to work at least 25 hours a week, around 5 hours per day. You may choose whether to work during the morning or afternoon sessions.


Cusco is a beautiful city of approximately 350,000 people, and incorporates both ancient Incan, and colonial architecture. It is a tourist hub, as the gateway to Peru’s Incan history and culture. Situated in the heart of the Sacred Valley, it is the perfect base for exploring the surrounding ruins, including Machu Picchu. The schools where you will be volunteering are located in the city centre of Cusco or close to it.


Volunteers will be able to use local public transport to travel from their accommodation to the schools, and elsewhere in the city. The cost of this is not included in the project fee.

Accommodation and Food

For this opportunity, the standard volunteer accommodation is in a hostel (incl. breakfast). Alternatively, you can stay either in a local family homestay (2 meals per day) or in the NGO Taxi Headquarters together with other volunteers where you can make your own breakfast and have dinner together with your fellow volunteers. Your lunch will be provided in a local restaurant. Accommodation at the HQ includes full board (breakfast/lunch/dinner). We aim to provide you with a pleasant atmosphere, and common area so that you can meet other volunteers, socialize with them and plan your weekend activities.


Professional requirements: 

Volunteers with teaching training or experience will be prioritized for this opportunity, as well as those with previous experience working with children. However, a teaching background is not required. In this case, a mature and sensible attitude, a willingness to learn, collaborate and share, and a dedication to being a role model and supporting students in their learning are essential. This opportunity is new, and even though the schools are public roles are not yet structured, or clearly defined.

It can sometimes be very hard to motivate the children, because they are caught up in a complex situation of having to work and go to school. In many cases they need to work and support the entire family. Healthy family structures are often disrupted and the children are not well protected or cared for at home. Learning curves at schools are therefore very low. Some of the children do not seem to make any progress throughout the year, which is why the same curriculum is often taught over and over again, and to children of different ages.

This volunteering opportunity requires a great amount of patience and genuine will to work hard in order to give these children some perspective. However, you will also be rewarded with a great amount of smiles, gratefulness and natural energy that will certainly stay in your life forever. For this volunteering opportunity a certificate of conduct is required.

This project supports and encourages teamwork along with a great deal of flexibility, autonomy and initiative. If you are open and ready for it, you’ll learn how to deal with aspects of daily life and be able to adapt to different fields of activity.

Generally, you should be ready to respond to changes and be able to deal with the unexpected for any work in South America.

Language requirements: 

As assistant teacher you must speak a basic-intermediate level of Spanish prior to starting as lessons are also taught in Spanish, and it is necessary to communicate closely with the teacher you will be working with, and with the students. We will provide you with a FREE 20-hour Spanish language program that prepares you for teaching at schools. If you do not have enough previous Spanish experience you must complete an additional language course. You can also start a basic Spanish course via online videos, Skype or by taking part in a virtual classroom. Or you can opt for group lessons or private instruction on-location in one of the language schools associated with us, for example. Please ask us and we will provide you with all the information.


Minimum age: 

All volunteers must be at least 18 years old

Start dates: 

1st and 15th of each month

Length of stay: 

Minimum commitment for this opportunity is 4 weeks. Longer commitments are preferred and encouraged.

Special conditions: 

The schools have multiple classrooms and outside play areas, and cater for between 600-5000 students, sometimes with 30-40 students in a class. Facilities and classroom equipment is basic but not lacking. You are welcome to provide or create your own materials needed for activities. 

Sometimes you will find that you are the only volunteer at a school. At other times however, there might be more volunteers, so be prepared for variety in the people you will meet and work with. In any case, you will always be surrounded by dozens of children full of the joys of life, and of course, you will have the support of the local teachers.

  • Please be aware that the summer holidays last from mid-December until the beginning of March. The exact dates can vary from year to year and school to school. There is also one two-week mid-term holiday at the end of July and beginning of August. You will not be able to volunteer at the school during these times.


€ 799 – 1st month 

€ 749 – 2nd month 

€ 699 – 3rd month and after


  • get involved in teaching English
  • make a difference within a poor Peruvian community and help these children eventually find a perspective in life other than poverty

Tired of being in lockdown? Do you want to travel again?

Peru is closed, but we are open for volunteers in Ecuador!

For a limited time we are offering a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL and extend our CORONA DISCOUNT

For every registration being made until…

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Cusco, Cusco, PE

How to Apply

You will be in an environment where you will make a positive contribution to the host country while gaining invaluable international work experience. We only accept the most serious and professionally focused applicants.

You will be in an environment where you will make a positive contribution to the host country while gaining invaluable international work experience. We only accept the most…

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