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Scientific Adventures for Girls is recruiting Board Members

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Scientific Adventures for Girls

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Introduction of Scientific Adventures for Girls (SAfG) 

SAfG is a 501c3, created in 2014 with the sole purpose of removing systemic barriers to all girls’ participation in STEM starting in kindergarten, engage them through hands-on learning, increase their positive attitudes toward STEM, and equip them with 21st century skills. SAfG provides after school STEM programs intentionally designed for TK-5th children with a special focus on girls and underserved youth to increase positive attitudes toward STEM, bolster STEM identity, encourage lifelong learning of STEM subjects and increase self-efficacy. 

In November 2014, SAfG was established to close the gender gap in STEM by creating programs that build capacity for family engagement in STEM.  Drawing upon research and best practices SAfG uses an intersectional approach by:,

  • creating developmentally appropriate out-of-school time programs which engage early learners (elementary school) in the STEM content
  • creating age-appropriate programs which address social and emotional learning
  • designing different culturally sensitive curriculum that are appropriate and appealing for girls and their families of different ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, as there is not a one-size fits all program.

As of October 2020, SAfG has served 1200+ girls (many returning for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year) in its afterschool STEM programs.

Benefits of Joining the SAFG Board

As an SAfG Board member you will be supporting one of the few non-profits in the Bay Area specifically providing STEM programming for girls in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Your board participation will help SAfG continue to grow and provide more young girls in the Bay Area with STEM programming designed to not only engage them in STEM for the long term, but to also teach them 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, perseverance and determination.  

You will be joining a board of passionate supporters of STEM education for girls who want to change the face of science, and envision a more gender equitable society where women pursue and choose careers that provide them more economic freedom and opportunities to advance society. 

You will also have the opportunity to attend SAfG after school classes, Family STEAM Nights, and special events with SAfG and its partners, including the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, the Chabot Space and Science Center.

Expectations for Directors of Scientific Adventures 

1. Board Attendance and Sharing of Expertise. The Scientific Adventures (SA) Nonprofit board is a governance board, dealing with issues central to SA’s long term success. Consistent board meeting attendance helps provide critical governance oversight by the board and is required. The Board as a whole will meet quarterly. In addition to board work, directors  contribute to SA through their work on special projects or by making themselves available for consultation with management or the board on issues on which they have special knowledge, experience, or expertise - this will be on a monthly basis. Directors may help arrange for donation of resources or management time from their companies or their network to assist management on particular issues or problems. 

2. Fundraising. Fundraising is critical to SA and is a board responsibility. Directors are expected to attend at least one event / fundraiser and raise or contribute a minimum of $5,000 per year through helping with donor drives or assisting with a grant. All directors should be prepared to solicit contributions on behalf of SA from sources identified themselves or by the board. 

6. Advocacy and Networking. Directors are expected to be strong advocates for SA within the community. Advocacy and networking are especially important when SA launches a new program. 

7. Showcasing SA in the Community. SA wants to showcase its staff and its programs as widely as possible. Directors are expected to help with this effort by identifying groups and events at which SA staff might speak on behalf of SA. 

8. Donor Cultivation Events. SA’s directors participate in donor cultivation events as planned by SA staff. 

9. Building Support. Directors are expected to help identify potential new donors and to help build support for SA in the community, especially the corporate giving community. 

10. Building the Board. Building the board is a continual process. Directors are expected to help SA find new directors who support SA’s mission, are willing to advocate on behalf of SA, who will work well with other members of the board, and who will contribute to the annual fund and endowment. 

Board Member Job Description 

A. Length of Term 

1. Each board member shall serve a one-year term from the effective date. A board member may serve up to five successive one-year terms. 

B. Time Commitment Required

 1. At a minimum Board Members meet quarterly for an average of 2 hours per meeting, with at least one meeting in person, a year, and will be available for occasional calls with the Executive Director a minimum of 1 hour per month. 

2. Board members are expected to attend at least one SAFG event or fundraising event per year.

C. General Qualifications 

Each board member should have each of the skills or attributes described below: 

Organizational History and Mission; Ethics 

  1. Possess an understanding and appreciation of, or a willingness to learn, the history and mission of SA. 
  2. Demonstrate high ethical standards and integrity in his or her personal and public conduct. 

Knowledge and Experience 

  1. Possess experience in and knowledge of (or willingness and ability to obtain knowledge of) the informal science education field sufficient to enable the individual to be an effective board member, including the ability to comprehend and ask relevant questions regarding materials routinely provided to the board on SA operations and plans.
  2. Possess experience in mission, business, professional, or volunteer positions that will enable him or her to provide useful insights into various matters addressed by the board. 
  3. Have current or recent prior service on other nonprofit or for-profit boards; service in a management position of an organization of comparable size or with other characteristics similar to SA; other comparable experience; or the willingness and ability to quickly learn and apply principles and practices of corporate governance as required to be an effective board member. 

D. General Expectations and Responsibilities 

Each board member is expected to: 

  1. Have the ability to participate effectively in board meetings, including articulating and responding to alternative viewpoints through effective communication. 
  2. Be willing and have the ability to devote the time required to be an effective board member, preparing for board meetings through advance review of meeting materials; and attending at least 75 percent of all board and committee meetings. 
  3. Commit to attend annual events designated for board members, such as fundraisers, social functions designed to integrate the board and acquaint board members with one another, and other special functions as requested. 
  4. Adhere to SA policies applicable to board members, including maintaining the confidentiality of SA information and conflict of interest disclosure procedures. 
  5. Support the philanthropic goals of the SA. 
  6. Be willing to consider new ideas and changes in historic practices, consistent with the mission, principles, and values of SA. 
  7. Possess the ability to make independent decisions, unencumbered by material conflicts of interest.
  8. Be committed to understanding the needs and diversity of the communities served by SA facilities and programs. 
  9. Commit to active participation in board work, meaning preparing for each meeting and actively engaging in discussion at board meetings. 
  10. Stay informed about the organization and keep abreast of recent developments pertaining to SA and in the informal science education field in general. 
  11. Consistently act in good faith and in a manner which reflects the best interests of SA and the communities it serves.

Introduction of Scientific Adventures for Girls (SAfG) 

SAfG is a 501c3, created in 2014 with the sole purpose of removing systemic barriers to all girls’ participation in STEM starting in kindergarten, engage them through hands-on learning…

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Please contact Courtenay Carr Heuer for more information.

Please contact Courtenay Carr Heuer for more information.

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