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Remote Conservation Intern on Social Media & Outreach (on-line internship volunteer)

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La Tortuga Viva
Juluchuca, Mexico
Published 2 months ago
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Remote Conservation Intern on Social Media & Outreach (on-line internship volunteer)

La Tortuga Viva (LTV), locally known as “Association Civil Campamento Tortuguero Playa Icacos,” is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to repopulating threatened sea turtle species nesting on Playa Icacos. Since our beginning in 2010, we have released over 500,000 baby sea turtles through the leadership and participation of members of the local community of Juluchuca, Guerrero, to relocate vulnerable nests into our Sanctuary for incubation and, ultimately, release the hatchlings into the ocean. Our community conservation program includes environmental education, sustainable ecotourism and local and international volunteer options to support and complement our direct conservation work.  

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Volunteers & Interns are essential to our organization. LTV is looking for motivated and skillful candidates to join our small international team in the position of:

Remote Conservation Intern on Social Media & Outreach (on-line internship volunteer).

  •  All positions are unpaid. We do not charge any fee to volunteer with us. We do not provide insurance or cover other personal expenses. Volunteers are welcome to fundraise for their position.
  • All positions are eligible for internships and placements that offer educational credits for students and researchers who want to collaborate with us. All fields of study are welcome.
  • Volunteer roles depend on availability, experience, and fulfillment of basic requirements:

>Long term commitment: minimum 4-5 months

>Fluency in English

>Fluency in Spanish as well is prefered

>Ability to work independently as well as part of a team

Support LTV from anywhere in the world! Either as a volunteer, academic or part of an internship/placement, the Remote Conservation Intern (RCI) role offers its candidates a unique opportunity to use the resources of one's domestic location to aid an international NGO and personally contribute to the protection of sea turtles.

This position is for those interested in social media, with proficient research, IT, writing and organisational skills. It is a multifaceted role designed to help with communication, fundraising, education, outreach, donor relations and networking. This role would ideally require someone who is confident with using social media as well as being able to interact with other charities and people in a professional manner.

LTV is establishing an active presence online, on social media, and other platforms and channels. As we are a non-profit organisation, it is extremely important to share regular updates about our activities and achievements with our followers and donors as well as to stay connected with other eNGO in order to actively be part of the on-line conservation community and working networks. On LTV social media we run vital fundraising programs and campaigns to collect donations that support our community conservation program, construction works at the sanctuary, equipment, materials, and the team of local volunteers.

RCI on Social Media & Outreach oversees our organization’s interactions with the public through implementing content strategies on social media and other platforms. Duties include analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in followers-supporters interactions and planning digital campaigns to build community online and increase on-line donations. RCIs become LTV ambassadors by actively outreach online communities, organising virtual events and sessions, and creating educational contents.

Aspects of this role include but are not limited to:

Social Media:

  • Manage LTV accounts regularly updated:
  • regular posts (3-4 days)social media
  • Daily stories
  • Special Thanks posts for retreats/ guests that come to visit, sponsors, and donors
  • Update other channels where LTV is present
  • Develop a strategy to engage more followers, likes, and increase donations
  • Creating content, interviews, videos, and educational content 
  • Answering enquiries, comments, and message
  • Share our content on relevant groups
  • Support recruiting of new volunteers/interns via social media
  • Promo and lead virtual educational sessions


  • Creation of Social media campaigns
  • Promote the program “Adopt a sea turtle nest” and other GoFundMe campaigns.
  • Create documents showing progression to update donors and for communications.
  • Reach out to businesses and organizations who could be interested in supporting us.
  • Reach out to blogs, magazines, groups, other NGOs to promote LTV and establish collaborations.


  • Organize regular meetings to collaborate with other RCIs and volunteer Sanctuary Assistants on-site on content for social media and other projects.
  • Organize weekly team meetings with LTV team
  • Send a newsletter to the mailing list every 4-5 months. Increase the number of contacts in the list.
  • Keep regular communications and check regularly the official LTV email account assigned to RCI on Social Media & Fundraising.


  • Develop NGO Support Skills

RCIs can learn the details of an NGO, how it is run and how it impacts the world. This role teaches its candidate extensive skills in its respective fields by working in a small international team. Support skills are highly transferable to other fields and stand candidates in good stead for similar careers. Report-writing, grant-writing public relations, and documentation is regularly practised in this role. 

  • Digital communications, Social Media Management and Fundraising Skills

Learn to manage different social media platforms, including accounts with over 1.6K followers, on digital campaigns and communications. Develop useful skills in promoting, graphic development, marketing and more. Interact with an online community of followers and connect to organisations all over the world. Networking opportunities also arise for candidates through this role. 

  • Support A Force For Change

LTV is a passionate organisation working each day to make a difference in the face of unprecedented threats. Sea turtles and their importance to oceanic health can be an unparalleled tool for the future of marine environments. By supporting LTV, interns and volunteers are part of a wider community of dedicated environmental NGOs.

  • Work From Home

RCIs are able to work from home with relatively flexible hours.

  • Academic Fulfilment

Many volunteers assist our NGO as part of their academic career (internships, placements, academic credit).

  • Invitation to Volunteer in-Person

Although remote, the opportunity to volunteer in-person is always available to RCIs. All are welcome to join our project for any length of time, although longer stays are encouraged. RCIs will not need to be profiled like other candidates due to their history with LTV. Proficient in Spanish is ALWAYS required for on-site positions.

  • Letter of Reference

Upon the successful completion of the period of service with us, LTV leaders encourage volunteers to request a reference for future prospects.


  • A long term commitment of 4-5 months.
  • Virtual Access
  • Access to a CPU, laptop, tablet or similar multi-capable device is essential for this role. As most of your work is online i.e. research, grant writing and social media management, candidates must be established with the necessary equipment to fulfil the responsibilities of an RCI.
  • Access to WiFi or Network Internet access is essential for this role i.e. research, communication, coordination etc.
  • Proficiency in Research, Writing & Organizational Areas
  • Candidates must demonstrate an ability to effectively manage the responsibilities of the RCI role in order to support LTV. This is integral and those who are lacking in the necessary skills to do so will struggle to perform the role. Prior experience in these fields are preferred, although not essential. 
  • Qualifications and/or experience in one of the following fields is desired:

social media, marketing, communications, graphic design, life sciences (biology, ecology, zoology, marine biology, conservation, environmental protection, etc.), education (environmental education, education for youth, community development & related fields), management (NGO management, volunteer management & related fields).

  • Fluency in English, and Spanish is a plus.

A fluency in both is preferred, however an RCI can get by with an experienced fluency in only one of these categories. 

  • Willingness to Volunteer & In a Remote Setting from LTV HQ

Volunteers need a strong sense of willingness to participate and actively become part of LTV’s mission. The mantra ‘hard work leads to success’ is no more embodied than in our organisation. The more active a volunteer, the more sea turtles can be saved, the more a community can learn and the more the world becomes more sustainable. 

La Tortuga Viva (LTV), locally known as “Association Civil Campamento Tortuguero Playa Icacos,” is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to repopulating threatened sea turtle species nesting on Playa Icacos. Since our…

Details at a Glance

  • Start Date
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    August 2, 2022
    3:10 PM CDT
    8:10 PM UTC
  • End Date
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    March 1, 2023
    2:10 PM CST
    8:10 PM UTC
  • Schedule
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  • Time Commitment
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    A few days
  • Recurrence
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    One time only


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Work may be performed anywhere in the world
Associated Location
Juluchuca, Guerrero, México
State of Guerrero

How to Apply

How to Apply?

Candidates can email :

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Fluency/level of Spanish and English
  3. Availability period: from *Month* to *Month* (Example: I can be available for volunteering from beginning of December 2020 to end of June 2021)

How to Apply?

Candidates can email :

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Fluency/level of Spanish and English
  3. Availability period: from *Month* to *Month* (Example: I can be…

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