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Gate of Hope Foundation - Volunteer Programme - Ghana

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Gate of Hope Foundation - Volunteer Programme - Ghana


Guide to Develop in-Country Program

1.  Description of country – a generic description of Ghana in a couple of paragraphs to volunteers’ attention:


Ghana is a country in the West Africa situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Although relatively small in area and population, Ghana is one of the leading countries of Africa, partly because of its considerable natural wealth and was the first black African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence from the British colonial rule. In addition to being known for its lush forests, diverse animal life, and miles of sandy beaches along a picturesque coast, Ghana is also celebrated for its rich history—its habitation and as a fascinating repository of cultural heritage. Ghana has exceptional beaches, wild savannah, and a lot of rain forests. Ghana has so much to offer volunteers with its rich culture, festivals, food, art & craft centers, castles & forts, long sandy beaches, national parks, waterfalls, rain forest and other interesting places to visit. Volunteers who come to Ghana experience these even more fully by getting an insider's understanding of the country. We believe Ghana should be the first destination for anyone interested in volunteering in Africa. Ghana was ranked as Africa’s most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index.

2.  Description of projects’ locations – a generic brief description of district, region and the distance from the nearest international airport & capital city:

Response: Gate of Hope Foundation Volunteer projects are located at Teiman, Abokobi, Oyarifa communities, Spintex area all in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana. Accra is the capital and largest city in Ghana, with a population of over two million. Accra stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic coast and extends north.

The nearest airport is Kotoka International Airport (ACC) in Accra and distance from the Airport to the project site in Accra is approximately 25 kms. And besides we have additional Volunteer placements in the Volta Region, Ghana. The Volta Region is located in eastern Ghana, bordering Togo. Our programs take place in the towns of Kpando, Anfoega, Hohoe, and Ho. The bus ride of 2-3 hours from Accra to the Volta Region but once you get there, you’ll be amazed at the Volta Region’s scenic beauty, with its beautiful rivers, water falls, lagoons, and rolling hills. Most of our volunteer placements in the Volta Region are within walking distance from host family.

Gate of Hope Foundation – Volunteer Programs Category as follows:

a.  Category:

1.  Teaching Project in Ghana

• Volunteer work at local primary schools to help the disadvantaged children gain significant knowledge and learn new academic skills.

             • Help out local trainers/teachers with conducting classes in 

              English language and Grammer skills, Mathematics, General

             Science, Computer Studies

              As a teaching Volunteer in Ghana, you will be helping to provide lessons to children in our local partner schools. Though doing amazing work to nurture the talents, confidence and life skills of underprivileged children, these schools are often underfunded and consequently under-staffed. Volunteers will support local teachers and work at schools, kindergartens or special needs schools. Your main focus is teaching English language, Mathematics, General Science, Computer Studies, and giving students more confidence with their academic pursuit. Ghana schools are very vibrant places with most pupils extremely willing to learn.

b.  Purpose of the project:

              Volunteers Teaching English language, Mathematics, General Science, Computer Studies and projects are placed in urban and rural schools to assist the local teachers in teaching students. Developing effective conversational English skills can be very beneficial for the students as it enhances students’ academic prospects. Moreover local students interaction with international Volunteers helps widen their knowledge base. Volunteers can bring along teaching materials such as picture books, instruments, flash cards, art supplies, and songs. Volunteer Teaching project gives opportunity to make a significant; participants passionate about helping people through empowering means.

a.  Category:

2.  Healthcare Project in Ghana

Our healthcare project is best suited for those with an interest or background in medicine. Our healthcare placements offer an exceptional learning opportunity, in addition to a gratifying volunteer experience. These placements offer an international learning ground where you can not only view healthcare in practice but effects of volunteering in Ghana health facility.

                 Volunteers in the Healthcare program in Ghana work

                 along with doctors, nurses and local staff in hospitals.

                 Medical and Nursing students assist the local doctors and 

                 nursing staff in daily tasks. Exact Volunteer tasks are

                 determined depending on the volunteer’s qualifications,

                 experience, and knowledge.

               Healthcare volunteers in Ghana provide hands-on support at clinics and hospitals. Volunteers will assist in diagnose different conditions; assist with basic tasks, support staff and patients in the prenatal, labor and postnatal wards.

Volunteers may work in a variety of departments, including nursing and dentistry, accident and emergency, pharmacy, orthopedics, maternity or midwifery, physical therapy, general practice wards and surgical departments.

                 b. Purpose of the project:

Healthcare Volunteer project in Ghana will put your experience and training to use. As a Healthcare volunteer, you will be working in a local clinic or hospital by helping to lessen the burden on the stretched resources of the medical service.

These facilities are often stretched to breaking point and in desperate need of additional help. This is where you come in and whether you are a doctor, nurse or medical student, you can use your skills to care for the community, whilst learning invaluable professional and life skills from the local healthcare teams, as you will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills you've learnt whilst helping those in real need.

This program is particularly suited for those volunteers who are interested in health issues and doing ‘hands-on’ clinical work.

3.  Community Development Project in Ghana

Under the Community Development Volunteer program in Ghana, volunteers have the option to work for several different projects in the local communities. Volunteer responsibilities include working in schools, contributing to renovation work, taking part in health awareness programs, water hygiene efforts amongst others.

     We are always in the lookout for Volunteers who have passion for development and willing to contribute their time, skills and experience to support our community development efforts. Most participants see this as an adventure or a Work Camp. Volunteers are needed for the on-going construction, painting and building projects in various communities of Ghana.

                 c. Purpose of the project:

                 Volunteers will help improve infrastructure throughout communities, clinics, community centers and schools. Additional Volunteer tasks will include painting, brick laying, plastering, digging, block shaping, carpentry, steel bending, mortar mixing, and much more. Volunteers in the Community Development project work in designated project areas together with the local people to make a valuable contribution. By working along with the local villagers, our volunteers engage meaningfully with their host community, understand their needs and do the volunteer work accordingly. 

b.  Age group involved in this project

Volunteer need to be minimum age of 18 years old and maximum 50 years old for our Volunteer projects in Ghana.

c.  What would be the duties of volunteers under each category   

1.  Hours of work per day / week

The structure of the week varies for different projects, but we aim to be flexible. Provided some notice is given, we will try to accommodate your plans. A typical week in Ghana for volunteers may look something like this:

Weekdays: Between 7am and 8.30am you can expect to have breakfast with your host family. At 8-8.30am you will head to your placement, depending on how far you have to travel. Expect to arrive at work at 9am, where you’ll meet with the local staff and plan your day. You will have a tea and lunch break during the day, the length of which will depend on the particular program. Most work finishes between 2pm and 5pm. At this point you a free to explore the local area, play with the kids (if you’re at a teaching or childcare assignment) or hang out with other volunteers. In the evening, you can have dinner with your host family or visit a local restaurant with friends.

1.  Facilities available

Accommodation (Homestay with host family)

2.  Seasonal or ongoing

Volunteer Placement ongoing and is all year round

3.  Accommodation – options available

Accommodation (Homestay with host family)

4.  Meals – please provide examples of breakfast, lunch, dinner

The volunteers in Ghana are very fortunate as they have the opportunity to live with a local family within close proximity of the volunteer project location. The host family provides breakfast and dinner (or all three meals if you are at your accommodation during weekends). At lunch breaks on working days, you can sample local cuisine at modestly priced cafes and restaurants.

The best known Ghanaian staple is fufu, which consists of a basic starchy ingredient such as cassava, yam, plantain or rice. You may also be served different types of stew, be it fish, chicken or vegetable. Fried plantain is another popular local dish.

5.  Program cost (fees per week, to cover up accommodation, meals, program work, 24hrs support, airport pick).

Participating Volunteers will make Payment to cater for the Volunteer food, homestay -accommodation and maintenance immediately upon their arrival in Ghana below:


​1 week                                                                         US$ 200

2 weeks                                                                       US$ 300

3 weeks                                                                       US$ 350

4 weeks (1 month)                                                   US$ 450

 5 weeks                                                                      US$ 500

 6 weeks                                                  US$ 600      

 7 weeks                                                                        US$ 700

 8 weeks (2 months)                                                 US$ 800

The participation fees covers the following:

(1). Pick-up from Accra Airport , (2). Ghana introduction/orientation

(3). Introduction to host family and program, (4). Accommodation with host family stay

(5). Three times daily local dishes, (6). 24/7 Hotline for support

(7). Placement and supervision in program, (8). Initial transport to program site,

(9). Certificate of participation / recommendation letter

6.  Orientation –detail orientation schedule

On arrival at the airport volunteers will be met by a local representative. From there volunteers will be taken to their accommodation and introduced to their hosts.

All newly arrived volunteers receive a full orientation to prepare them for their stay in Ghana, including an introduction at their project site and help with familiarization within the local community.

The local team are available to help volunteers withdraw money, buy phone or sim cards, get used to using public transport, and to arrange weekend activities.

7.  A typical day’s schedule – provide a generic schedule

Program Schedule

Duration: 1 week - 2 Months

Dates: January to December (All Year Round)

Arrive at: Kotoka International Airport (Accra, Ghana).

Working Days: Monday – Friday – 5 days a week, 5-6 hours in a day

Travel and Tourism Tours: Travel/Sightseeing for 2-3 days excluded in the Cost

8.  Name and describe some interesting places or things volunteers could visit or do

The Volunteers will have the opportunity to visit some Tourist places of interest such as Lake Bosomtwi in Ashanti region, Elmina Castle in the Central region , Accra Cultural Centre, Paga Crocodile Pond in the Upper East region, Kakum National Park Central region, Mole National Park in the Savannah region, Cape Coast Castle - Central region, Aburi Botanical Gardens - Eastern region, Lake Volta Volta region, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Accra among others.


Guide to Develop in-Country Program

1.  Description of country – a generic description of Ghana in a couple of paragraphs to volunteers’ attention:


Ghana is a country in the West…

Details at a Glance

  • Start Date
    May 2, 2022
    12:00 PM GMT
    12:00 PM UTC
  • End Date
    November 2, 2022
    11:59 PM GMT
    11:59 PM UTC
  • Time Commitment
    Full time (30+ hrs/wk)
  • Recurrence
  • Fee Required: $500
  • Groups Welcome
  • Families Welcome
  • International Volunteers Welcome



10# Burger Town Street, Teiman Accra,Ghana

Ga East, Ghana

Close to Burger Town Guest House, Teiman, Accra, Ghana

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