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Environmental Conservation and Protection Camp in the Galapagos

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San Christobal, Ecuador

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Full time (30+ hrs/wk)

Environmental Conservation and Protection Camp in the Galapagos

Tired of being in lockdown?

Do you want to travel again?

We are open for volunteers in Ecuador!

There’s never been a better time to visit South America! Our first volunteers are already there :)

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The Project:

Join us to enjoy living with the land, growing plants, interacting with the community and an exciting personal journey back into the very foundations of evolution.

Follow in Darwin’s footsteps and experience the exceptional ecological biodiversity and pristine natural view of the world that can only be offered by the isolated, uniquely-placed terrain of the Galapagos at our environmental conservation camp. As one of our volunteers you will help to protect and nurture some of the rarest and wildest species of flora and fauna in existence.


Problems: The rare, native plant species of the Galapagos are at risk of becoming extinct because they are being outgrown and choked out by non-native species which have gradually been introduced since humans began settling on the islands. These non-native species overrun farms, damaging livelihoods and the natural balance of the environment which many rare and endangered Galapagos wildlife such as tortoises, hawks, iguanas, mockingbirds and finches depend on for survival.

Due to its remote location, the Galapagos does not have access to the same level of public care and social institutions that are available on the mainland. There is therefore a huge demand for social and community support. Most of the volunteer programs currently running on the islands are focused on wildlife conservation and neglect the problems of the people. The few programs that are dedicated to social issues pay no attention to the environment. There is therefore a great need for projects that encompass both of these problems and work in a balanced way with both the environment and the people.

Solutions: This project reaches out and accelerates environmental accomplishments on the island as well as green growth: restoring endemic forests while protecting vulnerable farmers from invasive species. At the same time, it provides the community with improved access to necessities such as water, therapy, education, and intercultural exchanges of ideas, values and love for our planet.

By participating in this project, along with plant conservation and farming, volunteers will also assist with the free therapy using horse-back riding that the project provides to local disabled children and entertain local children who are invited to the camp to play, learn, horse-ride and hike. Through this type of social interaction the community can enjoy and connect with nature and is being instilled with environmental education and consciousness.

Because we work with community, environmental, and social issues, this project is the most complete, unique, helpful and of course charming on the Galapagos Islands.


  • Rehabilitate areas of land so that Galapagos tortoises can by reintroduced and survive.
  • Help local farmers learn about and implement careful removal of non-native species and replanting of native species.
  • Improve access to basic necessities for the local community.
  • Create a bond between the environment and the community.
  • Provide therapy for local disabled people using horse-back riding (hippotherapy).
  • Grow organic food for donation to organizations that work with vulnerable children.
  • Provide an inspiring, educational and enjoyable opportunity for volunteers to learn about and protect some of the most unique and exceptional wildlife in the world.
  • Protect and conserve this truly magical and irreplaceable natural environment so that its wildlife can continue to flourish and its splendor can be enjoyed by all.


You will grow and nurture native plant species in greenhouses and then plant them into their specified locations after having removed the non-native species from each site. You will also assist in community projects, such as installing water pipelines, helping to paint the local library and working with local children on educational gardening projects and field-trips. The work involved is physical so you should be prepared for long, hard and hot but fun and rewarding days.

The following are some areas of the project that you may assist with:

  • Reforestation.
  • Self-sustainable agriculture.
  • Children.
  • Growing Coffee.

The exact tasks you will be asked to carry out will depend on the current needs and priorities of the project as determined by the camp manager and NGO Taxi management. The tasks stated here are therefore examples of some of the possible types of activities you will be asked to do.

Some of the example tasks may include:

  • Cutting plants and bushes with a machete.
  • Cultivating and planting seedlings.
  • Organic gardening.
  • Helping farmers plant native and endemic vegetation.
  • Construction work.
  • Community work.
  • Horse therapy with children.

Working hours:

You will usually work from 8:30am – 12:00pm and 2:30pm – 5:00pm, Monday-Friday. You are free to explore the local towns and discover the island’s many tourist attractions in the evening and on weekends.


You will be living and volunteering at a beautiful ranch on a 50 hectare plot of land which is part of a small community of family farms on one of the wonderful 18 volcanic islands of the Galapagos. The total landmass of these islands is over 8000 square kilometers of which 97% is designated national park which is only accessible with a compulsory, certified National Park Service guide.

The 70000 square kilometers of ocean surrounding the islands is a recognized and protected whale sanctuary and is home to humpback whales, sea lions, sea turtles and an incredible variety of vibrant sea life. The best part is that the unique variety of endemic animals and birds are completely calm and relaxed when interacting with humans, allowing them to be observed in their natural habitats and for you to enjoy fun and sometimes surprise exchanges with them.

In 1978, the Galápagos became a world heritage site which includes both the Galápagos National Park and Marine Reserve. From 2007 until 2010, the Galapagos was on the World Heritage in Danger list. Since the site was endangered so recently, it is therefore even more important to conserve and protect these islands for the future. The Galapagos has also been designated as a UN biosphere reserve for its natural attributes to be conserved and to serve as an international center for scientific research.


  • Pick-up service from the airport on the Galapagos.
  • Accommodation with communal cooking area.
  • Free fruit and sometimes milk fresh at the project site etc (see section Accommodation and Food).
  • T-Shirt, hut, working gloves and rubber boots.
  • Pre-arrival pack and information materials.


€ 1299,00 – 2 weeks (min.)

€ 2499,00 – 4 weeks

€ 3699,00 – 6 weeks

€ 4799,00 – 8 weeks

(Our prices are calculated at fair level. They always include your accommodation. Depending on the project, meals are included, too. Your contribution also helps us cover our organizational and administrative costs. It allows us to support our projects and goals, and it provides you with a network you can rely on. If you want to help us reach our goals and objectives even faster we would be extremely grateful for a little donation to our causes!)

For more information about the camp please visit our web site and have a look at ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION IN THE GALAPAGOS

Tired of being in lockdown?

Do you want to travel again?

We are open for volunteers in Ecuador!

There’s never been a better time to visit South America! Our first volunteers are already there :)

For a limited time we are offering a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL…

Details at a glance

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  • On-site Location
  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language / Cultural Support Available
  • Groups Welcome
  • International Volunteers Welcome


Galapagos, San Christobal 170130, EC

How to Apply

You will be in an environment where you will make a positive contribution to the host country while gaining invaluable international work experience. We only accept the most serious and professionally focused applicants.

You will be in an environment where you will make a positive contribution to the host country while gaining invaluable international work experience. We only accept the most…

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