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Board of Directors – Board Chairperson

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Board of Directors – Board Chairperson (Position #1)

Life Learning Skills Institution

Life Learning Skills Institution (LLSI) is a proposed organization which aims to provide youth and young adults in the age ranges of 17 to 23 essential life learning enrichment education that includes (but are not limited to): Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving, bullying prevention/remediation, understanding different social situations, educating on disabilities, as well as proper communication. LLSI will also allow students an opportunity to learn American Sign Language (ASL) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). LLSI believes that since the mentioned skills are not being taught within the public school system, or at home, students should have an opportunity to learn these essential life learning skills before setting foot into the “real world”. It is our hope and dream that students will ultimately walk away from their time at LLSI having acquired the necessary life skills to fully succeed throughout their lives, and go on to make an impact throughout the world through the powerful courses and life-changing instruction we plan to offer.

LLSI, which plans to be based in Chicago, IL, is currently seeking a Chairperson for the institution’s Board of Directors. We are seeking a Chairperson with a passion for learning, along with a strong commitment to the missions and ideals of the institution. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated success in leadership, particularly within educational or social service organizations, as well as demonstrated capabilities in developing a world-class team that will help thrust this organization into the next dimension of teaching young people life skills. In addition, the ideal candidate will engage in and model intellectual curiosity and express passion for learning as it relates to the institution’s overall curriculum. This position will be on a volunteer, part-time basis. Although this position will not report to any position, the ideal candidate will need to have regular and prompt communication with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Executive Director (ED), and other executives, in addition to local and state stakeholders.

As a partner to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Executive Director (ED) and other Board Members, the Board Chairperson will provide leadership to LLSI as it transitions from a vision into a newly formed 501(c)(3) organization, which will then grow into a highly regarded local educational institution. The Board Chair will support and sustain the work of LLSI, and provide governance leadership and strategic fundraising support.


  • Serves as the primary member of the Board, and as the Chief Volunteer of the institution. Responsible for overseeing all initiative in which the Board will undertake as an institution. Accountable for providing updates on the Board’s progress, needs, issues, and status to local, state and potentially federal stakeholders via in-person, phone, and/or online.
  • Provides leadership to the six positions on the Board of Directors, which will include: Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Board members. Identifies potential Board candidates, interviews candidates, and is responsible for deciding which candidates will be hired.
  • Responsible for coordinating and overseeing all Board meetings, including committee meetings, with the assistance of the CEO/ED. Creates meeting agendas in collaboration with the CEO/ED for all Board meetings.
  • Researches and reviews existing relevant by-laws, policies, procedures and rules in non-profit educational settings for young adults.
  • Contacts local and state organizations to obtain guidance on best practices in creating and implementing such ordinances.
  • With the assistance of the Board, creates and implements relevant by-laws, policies, procedures, and rules to guide the institution in establishing best educational and professional practices to serve its students, parents, community, and all local and state stakeholders. Creates and upholds policies in which the CEO/ED must be accountable to.
  • Ensures all Board meetings are conducted smoothly, using the Robert’s Rules of Order book. Reports any concerns and issues stemming from the meeting to the CEO/ED. Discusses and reviews all issues and concern with the CEO/ED.
  • Appoints committee chairs in collaboration of the Board. Serves ex officio as a member of committees and attends their meetings when invited.
  • Assists with guiding and mediating Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns.
  • Monitors all budgetary planning and financial reports. Has a leadership role in identifying best practices on institution’s fundraising activities.
  • Annually evaluates the effectiveness of Board members and the overall institution’s mission. This includes a formal evaluation of the CEO/ED.
  • Other related duties as assigned by the Board.


  • A minimum four years in a leadership role. Ideally, the leadership role should be within the Education or Social Services fields. Candidate must provide sufficient documentation that demonstrates their successes in leadership roles at the time of the interview. Demonstrated successes in creating policies, team management, and other business practices is highly preferred.
  • Must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Human Services, or a related field. Some progress towards a Master’s Degree is highly desirable. Unofficial transcripts must be provided by email at the time of interview.
  • Exceptional problem solving skills and management skills are essential for this position. Candidate will be required to work regularly with a team, and collaborate collectively for the best interests of the students this institution will serve. Candidate must be comfortable with providing and receiving constructive criticism to enhance the team.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential in this position, both verbally and written. Candidate must be able to handle all situations calmly and professionally. Must be able to address all stakeholders, which may include the media and elected officials, even in stressful situations.
  • Strong commitment to impacting the lives of young adults through the institution’s vision and mission. Candidates must have a desire to make a difference in all lives they encounter. Must be sensitive and caring in regard to diversity and equal treatment of all.
  • A “can-do” attitude is a must. Candidate must be able to bring positivity, enthusiasm, and a vibrant spirit to the entire team.
  • Willingness to have a servanthood mentality. Candidate should demonstrate an attitude of selflessness, humility, compassion, and putting others’ best interests before their personal interests.
  • Knowledge of creating and maintaining a Business plan is preferred. Experience in obtaining property information is also helpful.
  • Some knowledge on the issues within education as pertains to students with disabilities, as well as students in marginalized minority, low-income groups. Must possess techniques in which to interact with such populations.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who reside within the city limits of Chicago, IL.

Thank you for your interest in Life Learning Skills Institution!

Employee Type: Volunteer | Regular

Location: Chicago, IL

Job Description Created:  April 11, 2017

                                              Revised January 13, 2022

Board of Directors – Board Chairperson (Position #1)

Life Learning Skills Institution

Life Learning Skills Institution (LLSI) is a proposed organization which aims to provide youth and young adults in the age ranges of 17 to 23 essential life…

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    March 21, 2022
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  • Friday, February 11, 2022 at 6:00pm - Deadline to submit all applications.
  • Week of February 14th and 21st, 2022 - Thorough review of applications and resumes will be conducted.
  • Week of February 28th - Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted and scheduled for a virtual interview via Zoom.
  • Week of March 7th and 14th - Virtual interviews via Zoom.
  • Monday, March 21st, 2022 - Hiring decision made.
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