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ANIMAL RESCUE, ASSISTANCE & CARE - Help rescue neglected animals and assist with day to day veterinary service

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Aldeas de Paz - Peace Villages
Las Terrenas, Samaná, Dominican Republic
Published 28 days ago
ANIMAL RESCUE, ASSISTANCE & CARE - Help rescue neglected animals and assist with day to day veterinary service

ANIMAL RESCUE, ASSISTANCE & CARE - Help rescue neglected animals and assist with day to day veterinary service

In the Dominican Republic there are plenty of dogs in need of being rescued, cared for and placed at a loving home.

Many dogs are homeless and sick, and you often also find neglected and malnourished horses, mules and cats. It is rare that anyone cares about these animals or gives them the affection and nurturing that they need. 

The local Veterinary Service provides emergency veterinary services, home and finds dog lovers overseas who are willing to adopt rescued dogs! This Dog rescue project is the perfect placement for volunteers and interns. Volunteer positions are for people without veterinary background who are a dog lover and would like to be part of a great project that takes care of the well-being of man’s best friend then this project is the right thing for you. By raising awareness and educating children about how animals can increase our well-being if we take care of them, you can also contribute to improving the situation in the long run. 

There is always a lot to do and your support is much needed to be able to continue providing care to the animals and finding new homes, especially for the dogs. You can become a part of this project by taking care of the animals, training them and assisting in maintaining the Kennels. The team also always needs experienced vets or vet students that can assist during surgeries, neutering campaigns or similar. If you are a veterinarian or veterinary student you will love this program.

What to expect

It is of advantage if the volunteer or intern has already worked in an animal shelter or a veterinarian clinic, is a veterinary student or a dog walker, etc. But even with little experience you will be of great help! It is important to keep in mind that the farm includes some physical work like cleaning kennels and stables and being outside. Nevertheless, the animals’ love and affection that you will be met with are worth all of the effort!

Activities can include but are not limited to 

  •    Caring for dogs, maintaining the kennels and taking them for a walk
  •    Developing and executing awareness rising and educational activities while improving the situation of neglected animals in the long run
  •    Supporting the veterinarians during medical treatments or operations to neuter or spay animals
  •    Support for the admission of new patients and other administrative procedures
  •    Participation in the annual castration campaign

Program Highlights

  • Experience the Dominican style of live and chill by the rhythm of Caribbean music!
  • Gain Spanish fluency with the help of our free Spanish classes and share daily life with locals
  • Become more passionate about your studies and propel your career with international experience!
  • Make memories you never forget during weekend excursions with your fellow participants!
  • Enjoy the gorgeous beaches of Samana, climb the mountain peaks of pico Duarte and visit historical sites in Santo Domingos' colonial town!


Overall there is no previous experience required to participate in the program, but of course you have to be an animal lover. A typical Animal Care & Farm Maintenance volunteer or intern has already worked in animal shelters, is a student in a veterinary school or a dog walker, etc. However, a person without any specific experience or training who just really loves animals and wants to help care for them is welcome as well. He or she needs to be enthusiastic, proactive, ready for a challenge and willing to do maintenance work. It also includes physical work like cleaning kennels and stables and being outside a lot. Nevertheless, the animals’ love and affection that you will be met with are worth all of the effort! Friendliness, commitment and patience are among significant qualities. Basic Spanish skills are needed, but an advanced level of Spanish experience will open up more opportunities. In order to enable deeper integration into the community, we provide free Spanish classes on a weekly basis, full support and 24/7 backup.

Volunteer placement or apprenticeship

You can join this program as a volunteer or apprentice. That's up to you! As a volunteer you are free to commit any number of hours per week. That's up to you! As an apprentice however you probably have to fulfill requirements set by your school or university. Please inform us of your school or university requirements in advance so that we can work out your personalized work plan together. Also tell us about your personal expectations and goals. We are happy to give students academic credit or provide a report outlining the learning outcomes and deliverables achieved during the placement.


This program is ongoing throughout the whole year

Time Commitment

A minimum time commitment of 2 weeks is required and can be extended up to one year 

Placement Location

Las Terrenas

About your Placement Location

The Aldeas de Paz Foundation headquarters are located in the villages of Samana but this program is located in Las Terrenas, located 35 km from Samana town center of the Samana province and peninsula in the north-eastern corner of the Dominican Republic. These villages with about 15000 inhabitants are very peaceful and safe and are constituted by a community with a strong sense of social responsibility. The people themselves consider their towns very safe, there is no more crime here than in any average small European town. The Dominican Republic's countryside as a whole is very peaceful, and certainly one of the safest regions in the Caribbean.

Travel Logistics

The Foundation will do everything to make sure our volunteers remain safe during their arrival and stay in the Dominican Republic. On arrival at the airport you will be welcomed by our english speaking driver who will help you personally during your transit from the airport to the bus terminal granting you peace of mind and tranquillity. The driver will purchase your bus ticket while you catch the direct and comfortable bus to Samana, your placement location. Travel-time on the bus is two hours only. On arrival at the placement location, fellow volunteers and our Staff will welcome you and bring you to your accommodation.

Financial Contribution & Benefits

Aldeas de Paz works hard to keep the required financial contribution to an absolute minimum and to offer financial transparency by practicing an open book policy. The minimum contribution starts at €130 per week (after the second week) and includes Spanish language classes and accommodation at our fully equipped guesthouse apartments, a special program donation as well as a personal welcome service and pick-up at the airport, transfer to the bus, bus fare and free transfer to your placement location.

What is included

  • Airport welcome service & transfer to your placement location 

  • Fully equipped Accommodation in Las Terrenas
  • Free WiFi (30Mbps) & access to washing machine
  • Free regular Spanish lessons throughout your placement
  • Placement introduction, certificate & student credit
  • Full support and 24/7 backup from local staff
  • Information about adventure packages & in-country travel

Special Offer

Volunteers and interns receive free language lessons throughout their placement duration. Classes focus on developing four basic communication skills: listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Students are encouraged to speak Spanish right from the very first day, using it in typical real-life situations as soon as they step outside the classroom where learning continues as they are immersed in the Spanish language and the Dominican culture.

Covid 19

The DR government is managing the COVID-19 crisis astonishingly successfully with well organized and widespread vaccination campaigns and through preventive and precautionary measures! Commercial flights and tourist travel to and from the Dominican Republic is open and Aldeas de Paz is completely operational and our social programs are all active. Actually many volunteers are joining and early booking is advised since we are mostly booked out. Travelling to and from the Dominican Republic is perfectly possible without difficulty and Aldeas de Paz is completely operational, all our programs are active! For updates please read on here: For extra peace of mind we offer a free flexible travel date change. We are standing by to answer any questions or concerns you might have!

Description Video of the program:

Contact Information  

Contact Person: Manfred Mönnighoff

Project/charity name: Fundación Aldeas de Paz

Address: Samana, Dominican Republic

Whatsapp: +1 829 7055 123



Facebook: https://www.facebook/AldeasdePaz




ANIMAL RESCUE, ASSISTANCE & CARE - Help rescue neglected animals and assist with day to day veterinary service

In the Dominican Republic there are plenty of dogs in need of being rescued, cared for and placed at a loving home.

Many dogs are…

Details at a Glance

  • Schedule
  • Time Commitment
    Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)
  • Recurrence
  • Fee Required: $1185
  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language / Cultural Support Available
  • Groups Welcome
  • Families Welcome
  • International Volunteers Welcome


C. Duarte, Las Terrenas 32000, Dominikanische Republik

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