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Marginalized Communities Development & Involvement for Social Change!!!

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The Golden Eagles Network Foundation
Lodwar, Turkana County, Kenya
Published 3 months ago
Marginalized Communities Development & Involvement for Social Change!!!

We welcome interns, volunteers, and those individuals or organizations interested in helping carry out the mission of the foundation to work with us and work with the rural communities in need. We normally have our programs set up in the course of Mondays to Fridays where each day’s activity depends on the days’ schedule. Our approach allows our volunteers to have freedom of choosing a project to build on and advance it to a self-sustainable stage.

Placements ideally run for a minimum of three months (with two weeks off mid-placement for independent travel in Kenya). However, we will consider well-qualified volunteers for periods as short as four weeks. Most volunteer placements are under six months, but some can take up to two years.

 As projects last year round, volunteers are accepted at any time - subject to availability. Placements are at Turkana and across the Country, with marginalized community groups. All volunteers work in the community.

 There is no language requirement other than the need to be able to communicate in English. Accommodation is in African-style houses in rural areas, and is often more basic. You could also live in a modern home stay with room, bathroom and toilet

"Food Banking and Value Chain Volunteer Program"

In the prevailing worldwide food shortages and unhealthy food sourcing, we sort to create a project that would focus on sustainable food production and hence the birth of the Organic Food Banking Project. We are creating sustainable food banks that will solve many of the current world wide food problems: We overcome food wastage around the season when food is in plenty and solve for the apparent lack of it when out of season. We provide training for sustainable farming practices to the local farmers. We create demo farming to the farmers in rural areas. Providing farming equipment and seeds for planting. Our value chain development directly improve the livelihoods of poor farmers by increasing yields, decreasing losses during processing, increasing bargaining power, and improving connection to markets. The promotion of highly nutritious species will also generate nutrition and health benefits by contributing to the development of more complete and diversified diets. Improved market channels for neglected and underutilized species can furthermore contribute to strengthening food security by supporting on-farm conservation. We support the use of organic system involving organic pesticides and fertilizer, inter cropping, crop rotation, integrated pest management, double-dug beds, and animal husbandry.

 Join our food banking and value chain volunteer program and help us run educational seminars, conferences, and workshops on various topics, such as aggro forestry, water harvesting, and cooperative farming. Whether you are an expert in organic farming or environmental study, we are open to more ideas on sustainable agriculture.

Program Highlights:

·       Support sustainable agriculture in Kenya.

·       Help our organization organize and run seminars, workshops, and conferences.

·       Assist with manual work, including digging, planting, and lifting.

·       Share ideas on sustainable agriculture and value chain.

·       Immerse in the rural lifestyle, culture, and traditions of Turkana and Kenya.

Since 2011, we have trained 3850 local farmers in sustainable farming practices, implemented composting of manure and integrated pest management into our farming activities and opened up numerous entrepreneurial and startup opportunities for groups who have gone to establish themselves in the agricultural sector.

Lay volunteering for health solutions:

HIV/AIDS screening, follow-up and Stigma Awareness Campaign. This is a long-term project aimed at HIV surveillance. Specifically, the program is about screening and counseling HIV/AIDS, making follow-up visits on victims, and monitoring related tests such as CD4+T-cell counts/fraction, HIV viral load, as well as the compliance of HAART. All activities are conducted by community health volunteers, certified doctors, and HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling (HTC) providers under the supervision of county health ministry. Volunteers will assist with the tasks, which include screening test and counseling, patient follow-up, ongoing medical care, and collection of related data. Throughout the campaign, they will help monitor the progress of affected individuals.

We encourage the requests for international volunteers in the health sector to implement health care practices within our country in HIV/AIDS screening tests, immunization, medical camps, primary healthcare solutions and temporary pre-medical placements. We gracefully hosted over 50 volunteers since the inception of this project in 2012. We are proud to have collaborated with volunteers from over 6 countries to transform the healthcare conditions within our country for the better. We have created great partnerships through the volunteer programs and continue to do so by expanding our project focus into research and development.

Environment Conservation:

The Golden Eagles Network Foundation is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join our project teams: The Adopt a Tree and Sponsor a Child Fundraising and Program for Carbon Footprint Project. Through adopting a tree, we are able to restore natural systems and a rural green infrastructure as well as educate children and adults to become environmental stewards. Through sponsorship and fundraising, we are able to help minority children in underprivileged communities in Turkana County. Through our carbon footprint project, we are able to reduce carbon footprint and, in turn, improve water quality, human, and environmental health.

Join in our efforts and carry out responsibilities, including technical and program work in all phases of the project. Perform independent research and analysis on environmental issues. Help with project design and implementation. Assist with stakeholder meetings & community workshops

We welcome interns, volunteers, and those individuals or organizations interested in helping carry out the mission of the foundation to work with us and work with the rural communities in need. We normally have our programs set up in the…

Details at a Glance

  • Schedule
  • Time Commitment
    A few hours per week
  • Recurrence
  • Fee Required: $650
  • Wheelchair Accessible



KanamKemer Rexona

Lodwar, Turkana County, Kenya

Drive through Kitale Lodwar Highway,stop at KanamKemer,Rexona or if you are flying to Lodwar Town and then take a taxi to Kanamkemer,rexona.

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