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Rotary Fire Fighters Home 

Board of Directors Job Description


The mission of the Rotary Fire Fighters Home (RFFH) is to provide short-term housing at little or no cost to firefighters and other first-responders while they are undergoing treatment at The Texas Medical Center (TMC).


The Rotary Fire Fighters Home (RFFH) began as a project of the Rotary Club of University Area Houston, which is proud to be the founding. RFFH is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit corporation.

Through a collaborative effort of Rotarians in Rotary District 5890 and in Rotary International, the Houston Fire Department, and the International Association of Fire Fighters, the dream of helping firefighters is slowly becoming a reality, with Phase One in full swing.

Firefighters face numerous dangers in their role as protectors of our population when dealing with fires and certain other catastrophes. In performing their job, they often receive broken bones, strains, and burns, and exposure to horrendous carcinogens. (It is this exposure to carcinogens which results in the primary and most deadly illness fire fighters face, cancer).

When a diagnosis of cancer or some other major illness occurs, often their doctors refer them for treatment to the world-renowned Texas Medical Center (TMC), ranked as the top and the largest Medical Center in the world, and home to MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC). These treatments often require stays for days, weeks, or months and are usually done on an out-patient basis which means the patient must find short-term lodging.

Lodging near TMC is expensive and to stay in cheaper accommodations usually requires long travel times in Houston’s heavy traffic. The further out you stay, the less expensive the accommodation. For firefighters receiving treatment and in their weakened condition, this is an added hardship.

Phase One of the RFFH project is to provide short-term lodging in near proximity at little or no cost to firefighters and first responders. To that end, RFFH is currently leasing apartments at the Maroneal Apartments, located near TMC. These fully-furnished, one-bedroom apartments are provided to firefighters at a no-cost other than the one-time, $125 cleaning fee per stay. They can stay as little as 3 days or as long as 90 days, for no other cost.

Phase Two of the RFFH project is to build a small complex of its own. Rotary Clubs, firefighters, corporations (big and small), non-profit foundations, and individuals are encouraged to be involved in the funding of the RFFH project. No donation is too small.

The RFFH motto is “You were there for us; we are here for you.” After all, fire fighters protect us 24/7 always responding to our 9-1-1 calls. This is our opportunity to help protect them, to answer their 9-1-1 call. They are always there for us: We need to be there for them.

Who We Serve

RFFH housing is open to firefighters, first responders or immediate family members of a firefighter or first responder, who are undergoing active treatment at the Texas Medical Center (TMC). Both professional and volunteer firefighters may apply. There are no other restrictions based on gender, age, religion, national origin, financial status or language. Nor are there any restrictions as to residence.

Why the Need? 

Firefighters have occupational risks from exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals. As a result, firefighters suffer illnesses, particularly cancers, at a statistically higher rate than the average population. Specialized treatment for these illnesses often requires an extended stay near the Texas Medical Center. The cost of hotels and short-time housing for patients and their families coming to Houston for such treatment can be crippling and health insurance usually does not cover lodging expenses. 

Purpose of Position

The Rotary Fire Fighters Home’s Board of Directors is responsible for the legal and ethical oversight to ensure that the organization does the best work possible in pursuit of the mission. This position reports to the Rotary Fire Fighters Home Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Board Chair.  

Time Commitment for Position

Rotary Fire Fighters Home Directors serve a 3-year term with optional renewal. Directors are asked to attend monthly board meetings, attend the annual strategic planning session, join a committee, attend signature events, and provide strategic and operational support to the organization throughout the year. Total time- 2-10 hours a month.  

Board of Director will perform the following tasks:

Organizational Oversight: 

  • Attend monthly board meetings.
  • Actively serve on a minimum of one committee.
  • Stay informed about the activities and current issues at Rotary Fire Fighters Home by asking questions and requesting information. 
  • Participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other board matters. 
  • Provide guidance and oversight of the fiscal health and wellbeing of the organization.


  • Take part in direct fundraising to support the organization in reaching annual goals. Support should include all of the following: 
  • Fundraising Event: participate by securing sponsors, in-kind services, selling tickets, and attending the function.
  • Employers: ask employers for a donation as well as identify additional corporate giving and engagement opportunities such as employee giving fairs, payroll deduction, matching gifts, and volunteer days.
  • Professional and Personal Networks: share their commitment and enthusiasm to the organization with others in their personal and professional networks, inviting them to join you in supporting Rotary Fire Fighters Home’s mission.
  • Make a personal donation of $250 with a give or get of $2,500 (this includes, solicitation of silent auction items, corporate matching gifts, volunteer hour grants, tickets to events, etc.)


  • Interpret the organization's work and values to the community, represent the organization and act as an ambassador when appropriate.
  • Engage community organizations, nonprofits, schools, and faith-based groups to encourage partnership with Rotary Fire Fighters Home.
  • Attend resource fairs, speaking engagements, and networking sessions on behalf of Rotary Fire Fighters Home as needed.

Special Notes: Detailed knowledge of cancer patient accommodations is not required; a passion for high impact community change is a must!

Interested candidates should complete a board interest form: 

Or contact Erika Hornsey, for additional information at

Rotary Fire Fighters Home 

Board of Directors Job Description


The mission of the Rotary Fire Fighters Home (RFFH) is to provide short-term housing at little or no cost to firefighters and other first-responders while they are…

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