OUT There Adventures Board of Directors



Start Date


End Date


Times of day

Weekday Afternoons

Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


United States


Expectations for OTA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of OUT There Adventures is charged with the governance of the organization. The Board’s principal responsibility is the long term continuity and success of OTA, the maintenance of its leadership among organizations of a similar kind, the maintenance of its credibility among schools and youth organizations, and maintaining its reputation and standing among the organization’s private and public funders.

Governance can further be defined to encompass three areas: Leadership, Fiscal Responsibility, and Fundraising. 


·     Serve one three-year term.

·     Prepare for and attend one Board meeting per month (either in person or virtually) and participate in the proceedings as needed and desired.

·     Possess an interest in nurturing the healthy development and advancement of queer young people.

·     Commit to take an active leadership role in the ongoing development of OTA’s mission and programs. This can include, but is not limited to, assessing OTA’s mission, shaping its strategic direction and creating policies to ensure the quality of its programs and further its mission and success. 

·     Act as an ambassador and advocate for OUT There Adventures. Board members are expected to remain ever alert and articulate in advancing opportunities to further OTA’s misison and goals.

·     Attract, recommend and elect individuals for the Board who expand the diversity, demographic, and skill-base profile of the Board and therefore serve OTA well. 

·     Be accessible to the staff and other Board members as needed.


Fiscal Responsibility

·     Establish the policies for and monitor OTA’s short and long term investments.

·     Oversee the financial operations of OTA by approving and monitoring annual budgets, ensuring that OTA operates on a fiscally responsible basis. 

·     Personally contribute or fundraise independently $1,000 per year.



·     Exhibit leadership in fundraising through personal gifts and the identification, cultivation and solicitation of other contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, organizations and government constituencies. 

·     Share resources and talents with OTA including expertise, guidance, contacts for financial support and contacts for in-kind contributions.

·     Promote special fundraising events and projects through personal participation or encouraging others to participate.



How To Apply