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Sadhana Forest Kenya



Sadhana Forest Kenya, an international ecological and humanitarian NGO, is looking for volunteers to work with the Samburu tribe in Kenya!

The organization was launched with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to establish food security through indigenous food forestry and water conservation with the Samburu people in northern Kenya. Volunteer activities include training of local people in appropriate tree planting and tree care techniques, and planting food-producing trees with them around their homes. Additionally volunteers implement water conservation techniques, work in the tree nursery, cook meals, clean, and maintain the camp. Be prepared to work hard and chip in wherever you are needed!

We practice a simple, eco-friendly way of life including renewable energy, alternative construction, veganism, biodegradable toiletries, compost toilets, and conscious consumption. Our experience through our projects in India and Haiti shows that hosting volunteers from all over the world creates a dynamic community atmosphere. Living and sharing in a communal environment brings us in harmony with nature and with ourselves.

We are happy to welcome volunteers any time of the year, and we always have plenty of work and space for them. Accommodation will be in tents beneath a shelter, and you can expect to work about 35 hours a week. Safe drinking water will be provided free of charge for all volunteers.

The total cost of volunteering is 6USD per day to cover the cost of your food. There is no registration fee and no extra charges.

Please note, Sadhana Forest Kenya is a long-term sustainable development project working together with local people towards self-sufficiency. We are not focused on short-term relief work or on providing immediate and transient aid.

For more information, please contact us at and visit our website

Looking forward to welcoming you!


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