Volunteer with widows in Uganda



Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Nansana Ngabo Stage Nansana Town Council, P O Box 36612 Kampala


Microfinance volunteers Uganda is offering volunteers from all over the world the opportunity to serve or work with Ugandan communities; as a part of the small microfinance institution Community Microfinance (CML) or by helping out with some of the many other projects that CML is involved in.

Widows volunteers needed to volunteer with the Uganda widow’s initiatives

Uganda widow’s initiatives (UWI) is a community based organization serving the widows in the central region of Uganda. Its current membership is over 7000 widows in the districts of Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, Luweero and Nakaseke. UWI has brought joy in the hearts of many widow families.

UWI has many projects that are ran by widows for other widows. For example:

Widows counselling clubs

As a way to reduce with the psychological trauma that the widows encounter, UWI organizes counselling clubs where widows meet with other widows to share experiences and support. 

Widows revolving fund

Lack of capital is one the biggest challenges for small business owners in Uganda. The widows have for the last five years been saving small amounts of money that have to date accumulated to $ 50,000. The money is used for on-lending to members of the group.

Widows education fund

The Widows education fund was initiated to help poor widows afford school fees for their children. The main focus is funding educating for girls. That is because families in many African countries traditionally have given first priority to boys when there was a struggle funding education for all children.

Functional adult literacy

Many women, especially in the older generation, have little or no schooling and UWI realized it was a demand for classes in functional adult literacy. In addition to classes in basic reading and writing, UWI also offer the group members to take classes in craft making, soap making, cookery, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Water and micro housing for widows

Access to clean water is a big problem in many parts of Uganda. Thus, there was a need to support the widows with water collection systems. Widows also have a challenge with finding affordable housing since they in many cases are evacuated from the demise of their former husbands. The UWI housing program uses hydraform technology to build affordable, environmental friendly and safe houses.

Volunteer activities

Examples of volunteer activities include the following:

·      Leadership training seminars and workshop for all executives of the Uganda widows Initiative

·      Put in place policies for management

·      Carryout counselling sessions for women

·      Seminars and workshops for widows counselors

·      Training widows in functional skills such as cookery and bakery, hygiene and sanitation and home economics

·      Train widows in business management skills such as book keeping, loan management and entrepreneurship

·      Reorganize the girl child education sponsorship program

·      Organize a blog to help publish widows initiative stories

·      Open more networking opportunities

Who can be a volunteer?

Anybody can volunteer with us! Many earlier volunteers have been students but we strongly encourage also others, such as retirees or people in need of a break from their jobs to apply. The volunteer experience can also be part of your holiday or backpacking trip as you can stay as short as a week.

To become a volunteer, you need to be able to communicate in English, the official language in Uganda. It is also necessary for you to be able to adapt to a different culture and a sometimes much simpler life style than you are used to. This volunteer program will show you the real Uganda and that involves things such as slow or absent internet connection, power outbreaks, cold showers and things taking very much longer time than expected. On the other hand, you will get a memorable experience and new perspectives of life.

Terms and conditions

You can volunteer with us for any period from one week up to six months. All volunteer positions are unpaid and you are responsible for covering all costs associated with living in and travel to Uganda. MFV will help you arrange accommodation in either a host family or at a guest house and will also assist with visas and other practical aspects.

Most of MFV’s partners work on weekdays during normal business hours. However, we encourage you to travel while in Uganda and schedules are flexible.


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  • Language/Cultural Support Available


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  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Apply by send an email to musa.nsereko@gmail.com where you present yourself and tell us what you are interested in working with.