Green Champion



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


United Kingdom


Metta exists to change the world. Our exceptional productions always represent the diversity of the world around us on stage, and off stage social and environmental sustainability must be intrinsic to our business and artistic practices - the challenge lies in collectively embracing sustainability as a non-negotiable element of the production process. Not an extra or add-on, but a given.

We are looking for a Green Champion to join us in the office up to a couple of days a week to help us improve our sustainability efforts and implement our Environmental Policy & Action Plan ( across our productions.

Particular areas of interest would likely include:

  • Working with Creative & Production Teams to promote sustainable decision making and help with sourcing/research.
  • Measuring and reporting on key sustainability metrics (using Julie's Bicycle's toolkits).
  • Communicating our efforts and successes with the public and the arts sector.

This is a volunteer position - hours are completely flexible and while it will be helpful to be in the office fairly frequently you can also work from home when you like.

This is a rolling volunteer position - you can stay with us as long as you like, and work whatever times of day you prefer.




Training Provided

We welcome

International Volunteers

How To Apply

Please send an email letting us know what interests you particularly in this role and your relevant experience.

We'll get back in touch for a chat about our sustainability efforts and to see if and how you can best help!