Volunteer - Translators and proof readers French-English and English-French NEW



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


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18,000 users visit our website each month from over 190 countries!

Help us provide our resources free of charge to French and English speakers all around the world. Our translation assistant will guide you.

Field: Translators and proof readers

Location: Geneva 1201 / virtual / from home

Site: www.grainesdepaix.org


Graines de Paix is an NGO that designs and develops educative solutions which combine quality education with violence prevention and promote a culture of peace.

These solutions include curriculum for teachers, pedagogical resources for students, curricular and extracurricular activities, and advisory services. Emphasis is placed of humanitarian values, soft skills, critical analysis, and interpersonal skills, which permit peaceful coexistence at school and more generally in interpersonal, intercultural, and civic relationships.

Founded in 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland, Graines de Paix is recognized for its public service and has received ECOSOC status with the UN. Graines de Paix is neutral and independent of any political, religious or sectarian persuasions, while being focused on opening a dialogue of free exchange.

Graines de Paix is active in Switzerland, France, West Africa, northern regions of the Middle East.

Volunteers Wanted

Our online resources are written entirely in French and we are currently in the process of redoubling our efforts to create a 100% bilingual website.

Contact us if you would like to help us with:

  • Translation French > English
  • Translation English > French
  • Proof reading in French
  • Proof reading in English

These translations and proof readings concern:

  • Documents, brochures, and pamphlets
  • Informational pages on the website (About us, Activities, News...)
  • Resource pages on the website (Quotations, authors, dictionary...)


  • Fluid, critical, able to adapt to the writing style of the website
  • Proficient spelling/ grammar in your native language
  • Proficient use of Word and it's tools for revision
  • If possible: possesses skills for editing the website

* * * * * * * * *

  • Candidates who are motivated and precise
  • Interested in the quality of education and a culture of peace


  • Ability to work from home, even at a great distance
  • Learn about and contribute to peace through education
  • Make a concrete action toward a peaceful future
  • Increase your subject specific vocabulary

(pedagogy, emotional skills, culture of peace)

Work Schedule

Two possibilities

Summer volunteer - 10-20% of available time lasting a few weeks


A few hours each week lasting the whole year

(work can be done any time, day, eventing, night, weekends etc.)

Information of this volunteer position

  • Available starting: June 2018
  • Application: open
  • Possible work locations: our office in Geneva or virtually from home


Send your CV and cover letter to: candidatures@grainesdepaix.org with the subject line:


LAST NAME first name - Bénévolat traductions et/ou relectures

Familiarize yourself with our website and our documents

Visit our website and our resources on education and peace.

Download our documents.




  • Training Provided


  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Send your CV and cover letter to: candidatures@grainesdepaix.org with the subject line:

LAST NAME first name - Bénévolat traductions et/ou relectures