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The Sufi Service Committee of Boston is looking for caring volunteers to help us craft our vision to aid the homeless. Our central practice is to care for our volunteers as the foundation of all service that we do. The warmth and love you receive here will stimulate your highest faculties, and this energizing experience will lead to a feedback cycle of positivity in your life. As you work with us, you will recognize more and more opportunities to bring joy to your community. Soon, you will find yourself connected to a society much larger than yourself!

Our charitable initiative address the most pressing needs of our community. The outer need is homelessness and economic inequality; the inner need is the emotional disconnect that fuels it. We provide outer warmth in the form of coats and food drives and inner warmth in the form of love- warm coats, warm bellies and warm hearts! As we address this inner need in our volunteers and our less fortunate friends, depression clears to happiness, and the solutions to social problems naturally flow.

Whether your talents lie in the creative arts, in the intellectual sciences or in some more earthy profession, please come and share your lovely self with us!

We very much look forward to meeting you. Please know that our doors are always open.

With Love,

The Sufi Service Committee

Where and When: Every sunday at 10AM, as a group we either sort and fold clothes or serve food to the homeless. Other days (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays), individual volunteers help with picking up and delivering food or clothes, Marketing and strategic planning, folding and organizing clothes, and preparing and pre-cooking meals. We are also looking for several dedicated volunteers to commit twelve timers per years to a once-per-month meal service at a local shelter, a vitally pressing need in our community.

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Please email us at and come to share your love!