Environmental protection and waste management program in Uganda

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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)




The volunteers will work with a Youth Environmental Protection group that has worked with volunteer groups since the 90s with a common aim of promoting and protecting the Environment in Buwenge Town Council and the country at large. Buwenge is a fast growing urban council and is affected with all the challenges of urbanization and globalization. With the population of Buwenge escalating, the council is facing a problem of waste management and deforestation. In cooperation with the town council and the local community, the volunteers will be looking for a way forward to help the communities of Buwenge cope with pollution, environment degradation and other health hazards. So the town council of Buwenge is looking for motivated volunteers with the skills to guide the council and local communities on waste management and environmental issues.

The volunteers' tasks involve teaching and educational support; guidance and counseling; environmental conservation activities; coordination of club activities; career development.

Language: English

Accommodation: Since it’s not easy to appreciate and understand cultures before you interact with them and stay together volunteers will be placed in host families. The first two days will be for orientation. Note: We cannot guarantee electricity, water (shower), telephone or wireless network for we work in rural settings, where some of these facilities are not available.

Location: The project is located 102 Km from the city centre of Kampala. From Jinja Town the project is located 20Km off Kamuli Rd in the eastern district of Jinja which is an industrial and tourist attraction.

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  • Housing Available
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  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

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