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Indo Ocean Project with Pirates Bay Cruises and are proud to announce The Raja Ampat Expedition! This dive packed 10 day sailing adventure of a lifetime takes our resident projects across islands and seas through one of the last ocean frontiers. Work alongside a team of international and local marine biologists and dive instructors and take part in data collection and citizen science for Dr Mark Bond from Florida International University, eOceans, Shark-Base, and Manta ID projects. Make your next holiday count and take part in an ongoing research project that spans the country of Indonesia. With 3 survey and research dives scheduled per day, workshops, and land excursion, this is an action packed 10 day adventure to some of the world’s most pristine reefs. 

As a research assistant you will be working and living alongside experienced marine biologists, dive instructors, and boat captain. Every one of the dives are dedicated to baited remote underwater video (BRUV) surveys, survey diving, and photographic identification of sharks and rays. We make every dive count! With 29 dives schedule over 10 day, this is a jammed packed program. 

The Raja Expedition is a dive heavy program with 3-5 dives per day and a land excursions. Although the schedule is subject to change there are over 29 scheduled dives over 10 days, and 20 BRUV drops. This is a round trip boat departing from Sorong on January 6th and returning to Sorong on January 16th. There are also optional fun dives when the boat is moored and when the data is entered you are welcome to jump in and explore with your buddy.

We will be doing all types of diving including; drift diving, night diving, deep diving, wall diving, sun rise diving, shark diving, manta diving, all form our floating home, Lambo.

Program Fees

Projects like this rely on the generosity of our partners and volunteers to develop and grow. In order for us to create an awesome adventure for you we do require a tuition to cover your expenses while on program. Because of the donations from our local partners we are able to keep the cost low while covering all your needs so you can focus on your training and your work during this adventure.

For the Raja Ampat Expedition the total (including tax) is: €2,650.00 EUR

For more information on program fees and what is included please check out our website HERE


Dive Dive Dive! 

This is a dive packed trip with 3-5 dives per day. Night diving, drift diving, deep diving, wall diving, sunrise diving, shark diving, manta ray diving, macro diving, and many more all from our floating home, Lambo. 

Dive Training

You will complete 3 specialty courses including Scientific Diver Specialty, Shark Conservation Diver Specialty, and Manta Ray Conservation Diver Specialty. Together these three courses help you to understand the research we are doing and why it is important as well as a comprehensive fish identification training progra. All courses are held by our on board dive instructor and research diver.

Land Trekking

We have a few land treks scheduled to see some of the highlight spots including waterfalls and some of the top views, which makes Raja Ampat so desirable. Don’t forget your camera!

Village Visit 

We have been invited to meet the villagers and go on a village walk at Arborek, Papuan village. This is the very heart of the Raja Ampat Marine Park and is supported by many NGO projects. See first hand the founders of the marine park and the pride they take in their beautiful ocean. Learn about some of the conservation projects and other research that is being done locally.


Day 1: Faronid Area. Welcome aboard and introductions. Morning workshops and afternoon try out dives. After dinner documentary.

Day 2: Misool Over night sail to Misool national park! Morning methodology workshop and 3 dive day with data entry workshops.

Day 3: Misool. 3 more dives at some of the marine park's highlight dive sites including 4 Kings and Tank Rock. Sharks, rays, barracuda, schooling jacks and more!

Day 4: Misool. 3 dives around the famous Boo Window and West Boo. Overflowing with wildlife. Shark Conservation and Fish ID workshops.

Day 5: Misool. Whale rock, Grouper, and Channel Rock dive sites with an overnight sail to Penemu island.

Day 6: Penemu. Some of the most beautiful coral gardens in the park with sharks, school fish, and tons of macro life.

Day 7: Arborek and Manta. 3 manta dives at various cleaning stations. Photo ID of Manta Alfredi. Visit the village of Arborek, the heart of the national park.

Day 8: Canal Dampier. 3 dives with manta rays, wobbegong, and schools of fish. Blue magic dive site is not to be missed!

Day 9: Kabui Bay. Sharks day! Grey reef, black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, manta rays, turtles, and school fish. 3 hours sailing to the Bay of Kabui.

Day 10: Myoskon Bay. Last day of diving! 2 dives at Batu Lima and Cape Kri. 5 hours of sailing and data inputting to get back to the port in Sorong.

Day 11: Sorong Morning finishing up data entry and analysis. Disembark the boat and get your transfer to airport or hotel.

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How To Apply


We have a short interview and application process so we can get to know you better before your formal acceptance. Please applying directly through our website at https://indooceanproject.org/apply-now/ or contact info@indooceanproject.org for more information.