Volunteer as a Farm Manager at Finca Nuevo Mundo



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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Finca Nuevo Mundo
Lake Atitlan
Sololá Department



Green New World is a small non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting regenerative and sustainable solutions. The first educational research center, Finca Nuevo Mundo is being developed in the valley of Tzununa close to the shores of Lake Atitlan in the Highlands of Guatemala to experiment and showcase regenerative and sustainable living models while restoring harmony with nature. Our models integrate principles and designs from numerous fields such as permaculture, biophilic design, holistic sciences, biomimicry, vernacular biotechture and appropriate technology with focus on shelter, water, energy, food and zero waste systems.

Finca Nuevo Mundo develops self-sustaining perennial polycultures with focus on specialty grade coffee as a cash crop and the rest consumed at the farm or bartered. We take great pride in our coffee as it has won awards for its exceptional quality and ecological cultivation. Beyond coffee there is plenty of diversity with 13 varieties of citrus, 20 varieties of bananas, 10 varieties of avocados, among berries and staples such as tarot and yucca and more…

As a non-profit organization we rely on volunteers to sustain our journey, to be able to offer a learning experience with a symbiotic intent to share the knowledge of sustainable living and receive assistance from volunteers to support the sustainable living program. Our program is all about teamwork and as such relies on participants to be reliable, responsible, motivated and cooperative.


  • Stipend Provided
  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


We are offering a long term positions as a farm manager which mostly involves care taking and delegating tasks. Good English and Spanish skills along with basic computer skills are required. We have a wonderful house in the middle of the food forest. Our natural bathroom with a hot spring shower is second to none. Volunteers typically contribute 30 hours per week. Flexible hours can be arranged. The program includes 3 wholesome vegetarian meals, dormitory and includes the use of all facilities on site such as the sauna and the food forest. Rules: No plastic, no meat, no alcohol, no chemicals. Only ecological products allowed. Min 6 months. Bring gear for all weather. It can be chilly at nights and hot in the day. A lot of fun things to do in the area. After training is complete a modest stipend is offered.