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The Fijian archipelago lies scattered lazily in the achingly blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, bathed in the radiant antipodean sunlight. Its towns and villages are veritable melting pots of cultural influences – see multicoloured Hindu temples perched next to relics of the traditional indigenous spirit houses with their lingering sense of an ancient magic.

Its irresistible shores are fringed with picture-perfect palm trees, and the azure waters that surround the islands are inhabited by an astonishing array of marine creatures; over 1,200 species of fish including clownfish, triggerfish, blue tangs, 12 species of whales and dolphin, anemones, soft coral and much more.

Enjoy fragrant sun drenched days and balmy exotic nights – try a Fijian beach party for whirling fire dancers, traditional dancing and delectable food cooked in a traditional underground oven. Fiji will enchant you with its infectious, chilled out "Fiji time" lifestyle and its heavenly beaches, the perfect paradise location for your Frontier adventure!


Fiji’s socio-economic demographic is changing fast. It is clear that the healthcare industry needs to change with it, and have a clear plan to address the negative effects of urbanisation and modernisation. At the same time the cost of healthcare and medical treatment is becoming increasingly expensive and is often unaffordable by the wider community where dietary problems are widespread and the most vulnerable suffer as a consequence.

It is disabled people young and old who lack access to appropriate medical care and support programs. Even the few patients who can afford to seek the appropriate care, therapies and guidance are challenged with insufficient practitioners as well as after care and family assistance.

The Frontier Fiji Healthcare Project has highlighted education, training & research as the key priorities for improving support and treatment for the disabled and their families as well as raising awareness in Fiji.

Fiji has a growing poverty situation and the effects of population movement have led to increased demand on the health sector to cater for the disabled. The net result is that the people’s lifestyles have changed drastically over the last three decades and lack of awareness of the pressures of living in cities with widening boundaries, coupled with a lack of medi-care insurance programmes for all. The amazing work of the disability centres is incredibly inspiring, they strive for better provision for disabled adults and children often working long hours seven days a week. Working with these partners will be extremely rewarding as the work they do provides a service that otherwise would not be available.


This is a fantastic opportunity for pre-med volunteers and individuals who are interested in forging a career within the healthcare sector.Or anyone who has a particular interest in working with disabled adults and children.

You may find yourself working in a variety of different educational areas, any other previous work experience or transferable skills would be beneficial to bring new ideas and fresh enthusiasm to the daily educational and therapeutic programmes of the disabled students. You will shadow and assist the healthcare and educational professionals who run the programmes for the disabled students aged from 4 through to adult. We cannot guarantee which age group you will be working with, but be sure to include any work experience or career aspirations so we can attempt to place you appropriately.

You may have the opportunity to integrate within the wider community by providing mobile care, teaching and training at local schools and villages, however please be aware that this aspect of the project cannot be guaranteed and is dependent upon the needs of the project at the time of your visit.

All placements are dependent upon the submission of an up-to-date CV.

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