Community Health Educator(s)



Start Date


End Date


Times of day

Weekday Mornings

Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Barnesvelle, Monrovia Liberia



Description of position

-The Community Health Educator will organize stakeholder's workshops on Hygiene and Sanitation at the Sierra Leonean Refugee Camp in Liberia.

-The volunteer(s) will visit refugee schools with in the camp to do chalk board presentation on Health Education and it importance.

-Train and select students from various schools to represent their communities as Health Ambassador in their respective communities.

-In coordination with the Supervisor, the volunteer will plan, organize and lead the implementation of all health educational activities.

The project is intended to create awareness across the Refugee Camp on sanitation and good health practices and promote hygiene.

Description of organizaion programs

The Foundation for Charity and Development,_ FCD Inc. Is a non profit humanitarian organization that provide Education, Empowerment and Capacity building programs to Refuges, displaced, underprivileged and the disadvantaged in society.

Areas of Focus

.Peace Building and Conflict Resolution


.Vocational Empowerment

.Children Education

.Health Education and Services

Peace Building and Conflict Resolution: This program is been implemented at the Sierra Leonean Refugee Camp in Liberia. It provides peace and reconciliation messages to refugee schools and the community.

Counseling: The Counseling program focuses on refugee's psychological problems ranging from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder _PTSD, flash back issues, stress and other psychological related issues affecting women, youth and children.

The women and youth receive group and individual counseling on a periodic basis while the children receive recreational games and activities to over come their past experiences.

Vocational Empowerment: The organization is currently working on projects that will provide empowerment opportunities to the women and youth to promote independence, self productiveness, and entrepreneurship among refugees.




Local soap production



Children Education: The Foundation for Charity and Development established Fleur's Learning Center which provides basic education for children who would not otherwise have access to a proper education. The local community has supported the Foundation's work financially and in-kind, but this is a poor community, so our funds are mearge. We are grateful to friends outside of Liberia who have been able to send through new learning materials and who are now helping with new fundraising initiatives.


The Foundation programs are run by local and international volunteers who have the ambition and motivation to serve humanity and share their experience with others from different part of the world. Holistically, our objective is to help promote, improved and transcend the lives of the disadvantaged and underprivileged in society through developmental programs.

Summer Trips

At the will and pleasure of our volunteers, we organize trips for our international volunteers to have the opportunity to visit historic and attrictive tourist sites in Liberia. Some of these areas are listed below.

Providence Island: This is a small historic island on which the first batch of free slaves from the USA was initially settled in Liberia to begin a new life after their freedom.

The great Kpatawe water fall: This huge water fall is located in Bong County very attractive and wonderful and is about three hours driving from the capital.

Wologisi Mountain: is the highest mountain peak in Liberia

Located in Lofa County and is a whole day drive form the city. You would not want to stop looking at that vast savanna land scape with a huge body of rock touching the sky in view.

Workier farm: has the largest zoo in Liberia where you find different type of spices from the tropical rain forest and desert of West Africa.

The beaches are also cool and entertaining. suitable for weekend relaxation.

The Refugee Settlement

The Sierra Leone refugees are residing on a piece of land located on the hill side of the VOA Community situated right at the out sketch of the capital city Monrovia. Some of the residences here are engaged in making small garden where they produce variety of vegetables and ground crops to supply the local market. The settlement is very attractive with few schools, churches and Mosques. There are about three local foot ball field where local teams show up for soccer catches and other sporting events.

There are taxis and buses located at the out sketch of the settlement conveying passengers from central Monrovia to the settlement and other communities along the district.


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How To Apply

All interested applicants may sent a cover letter and CV to Anthony Warlo, Director, Foundation for Charity and Development

Pnone: +231770201867