Education Manager



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


1845 N Farwell Ave Suite 100
United States


The Education Manager develops and directs educational programs including schools, presentations, media, and local events. Emphasis for education will be on public health, sustainability, and increasing science literacy. Education material will fall into two regimes: 1. Teach scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. 2. Inform the public about policy, importance of science funding, and being “informed voters.” The Education manager will:

  • Develop partnerships with other organizations that serve public education services
  • Manage a contact list of partnering organizations/other resources related to education
  • Develop or externally source educational material for use in programs and media
  • Identify education opportunities for MASA to participate in and ensure our participation in local events. This includes collaboration with the Events Manager to have an educational presence at MASA events.
  • Organize and maintain schedules/volunteer assignments for educational events
  • Manage inventory of any educational supplies
  • Generate original content that educates the public through traditional or new media

Commitment: 5-10 hrs/wk

We welcome

International Volunteers

How To Apply

Please fill out our website form! Feel free to email with any questions.