Senior Volunteer Greeter



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New York City
New York
United States


Job Title: Senior Volunteer Greeter

Mission:  To enhance the worldwide image of New York City and enrich the New York experience by connecting visitors with knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers.

Activities:  Volunteers walk visitors throughout neighborhoods of New York City that they know well in all five boroughs. Visitors are able to experience the various sights and sounds with the greeter and can get a real taste of New York City and its inhabitants. Many of our greeters are senior citizens who have had long experience of the neighborhoods they show. Visits may include from one to six people.

Qualifications:  Greeters must enjoy meeting and talking with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. They must be familiar with and upbeat about the neighborhoods that they want to show. Foreign language skills are a plus, especially ASL and Spanish.  It is essential that volunteers be comfortable using public transportation since it is the easiest way to get around New York City and we feel it helps make each visit to New York City even more like a slice of the daily life of a New Yorker.

While just about anyone who fits the qualifications can be a greeter, this is an ideal activity for senior citizens, retired or otherwise, who are outgoing and enjoy sharing their knowledge of the city with people from other places.

Time Commitment:  Greeters show New York City 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each greeter must commit to a minimum of 1-3 visits per month, 4 hours per visit.

Benefits:  There is a thrill in making new friends from all over the world and sharing the rewards of cross-cultural exchangeIf you speak a foreign language, here is your chance to practice it with native speakers.

As a greeter you will be able to show off the neighborhoods you know and love while helping to support the local businesses that help make your favorite neighborhoods so wonderful.  You will be able to promote a friendly, inviting and accessible image of New York City.




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