Crafting End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign for Therapeutic Riding & Horsemanship Center



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Horse SenseAbility is seeking a volunteer to assist the Executive Director in creating our end-of-year appeal for single and monthly gifts. We also need help and advice on setting up an effective donor page that integrates with PayPal or another vendor. We are particularly interested in volunteers who have a passion for young people and horses!

Horse SenseAbility offers a variety of services that are particularly geared to youth and young adults who are on the autism spectrum, have experienced trauma or are from an underserved community.

  • Stable Moments is designed for children who are or have been in foster care. A trained volunteer mentor and a horse meet 1-on-1 weekly with the child for an entire school year to develop life skills.
  • City To Saddle gives underserved 6- to 13-year old children an opportunity to interact with a variety of animals, particularly horses, in a relaxing rural environment.
  • Therapeutic riding and horsemanship lessons are available for children and adults with one or more of the following characteristics: autism spectrum disorder; learning disabilities; emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues; experience with violence, abuse or trauma; or identified as at risk.
  • Wildstar Wranglers provides an opportunity for young adults with special challenges to develop a strong work ethic and learn appropriate job-related skills in a supportive, supervised environment. Tasks include daily horse care and barn chores.  

Please contact us if you are interested and available to help us.



How To Apply

Please email or call Polly at 617-504-5299.