Sustainable Tourism Lead Intern at Peruvian Social Enterprise (Compensated!)

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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Calle del Horno 618



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Awamaki creates lasting impact in the Andean mountains of Peru by helping rural women’s associations launch successful small businesses that create authentic, high-quality textiles and knits. Awamaki invests in women’s skills, connects them to global markets and supports their leadership so they can increase their income and transform their communities.

Comprised of a Peruvian Asociación Civil and a U.S. 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, Awamaki consists of three main projects: Fair Trade artisan cooperatives, sustainable tourism operations, and rural community education. Though a non-profit, Awamaki uses market strategies to accomplish its philanthropic goals of increasing women’s opportunities for income and leadership.


If you’re looking for an international opportunity to utilize your skills while also empowering women in rural communities, Awamaki could be the place for you.

Our interns play an essential role, as their work makes an enormous difference in our programs and in the lives of our women. Interns have the opportunity to gain essential experience in business administration, fair trade, social enterprise, ethical sourcing and design, marketing & communications, and non-profit management.

As the Sustainable Tourism Lead Intern, you would be expected to:

  • Guide half-day and multiday tours in our rural communities
  • Help coordinate tour logistics such as bookings, transportations, and payments.
  • Assist with research to develop new tour options within the surrounding communities.
  • Contribute to sustainable business management in areas related to marketing, pricing and packaging of tour offerings, improving information systems, and building donor relationships.
  • Maintain cultural sensitivity as you work with native populations.
  • Learn basic Quechua phrases in order to better communicate with people in the communities
  • Work a minimum of approximately 6 – 9 hours per week at Awamaki's fair trade store in Ollantaytambo.
  • Some weekend, evening and overnight work required when guiding.


As the Tourism Lead Intern, you would be compensated with room and board for your entire stay. All program costs, including the 3 day, 2 night weaving tour and an airport pickup will also be compensated by Awamaki.


An ideal candidate for this position would possess the following qualities:

  • Be proficient in Spanish and Englis
  • Possess strong communications and social networking skill
  • Works well with minimal supervisio
  • Takes initiative in leading and developing tour
  • Is respectful of the indigenous Peruvian cultur
  • Charismatic, energetic and active. Able to work, walk and hike in high altitude communities


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


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  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


  1. For more information about Awamaki and our programs, visit or our Facebook page at For any questions about volunteering, please email
  2. Apply directly here and send resume. For design, send portfolio. For marketing, send applicable examples of work.
  3. Upon receiving your application and resume, we will contact you to arrange an interview via Skype with the relevant Program Coordinator(s).

For more information about Awamaki programs and volunteer fees, visit or our Facebook page at For any questions about volunteering, please email

We look forward to your application and thank you for your interest in economically and socially empowering Andean women in Peru!