Rio de Agua Viva - Clean Water, Women's Empowerment, Community Development, and Cultural Preservation in Honduras



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


United States


AHMEN's Rio de Agua Viva team is seeking interested volunteers and team leaders to serve as liaisons to the General Coordinator of AHMEN's Community Empowerment Program. Volunteers organize and lead team and work closely with team leaders to coordinate yearly 3-day educational seminars in skills requested by local committee members. The Rio team has been leading one ACSI (Agentes Comunitarios de Salud Integral) seminar in one of the workshop areas yearly since 2013 and will now spread out to serve all four areas:

Cusuna (Rural Caribbean, Garifuna) Systems Analysts and Sustainability Engineers Needed!! The focus here will be to work with a Garifuna youth initiative set on repairing and revitalizing municipal water systems to provide clean water to a dozen surrounding villages. Secondary goals include working with ACSI graduates and their children to meet long-term sustainable nutrition plans. Needs Leader & 5-10 Team Members

Jutiapa (Urban Caribbean, Garifuna & Landino) The focus here will be to lead lessons promoting concrete skills in organizing department-wide environmental preservation and rejuvenation efforts through social, political, and economic means. The group will work closely with staff from the La Ceiba and Jutiapa mayors' offices. Has Leader, Needs 5-10 Team Members

La Esperanza (Urban Mountains, Lenca & Landino) World Vision has partnered with AHMEN's Coordinator of International Education to sponsor local capacity-building workshops in sustainable health skills and appropriate technology. This team will both teach at the workshop and also spend time learning how to partner with local indigenous rights groups. Has Leader, Needs 5-10 Team Members

Raista (Jungle, Miskito & Pech) This team has a 50% clean water focus. The clean water team will teach water purification using Sawyer filters and collect data on families who have already received water filters. The other half of the team's focus will be to conduct a 3-day sustainable health skills and appropriate technology seminar. Topics will include English Language Learning, Long-Term Planning, Environmental Preservation and Rejuvenation, & Human Rights. Has Leader, Needs 5-10 Members

These are great opportunities for churches, youth groups, colleges and universities, alternative fall, spring, summer, and winter break programs, internships, and study abroad. Spanish/English Interpreters, students, teachers, doctors, photographers, and generally nice and flexible people make great team members. All caring humans are invited to join. Cost of $900-1100 includes all food, lodging, in-country travel, and day of R&R. Dates may vary by team leader but will take place early summer 2019.

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  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


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  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Michael Franklin is the General Coordinator of AHMEN's Community Empowerment Program. Please email him regarding your interest in one of the particular volunteer opportunities mentioned above. Michael is also available to travel to speak to your organization, church, small group, etc. about community development in Honduras.

Team membership is not limited to merely individuals who seek to travel to Honduras. We require all types of support to achieve success.

Team Membership

International - Travel with the team! :-)

Fundraisers & Donors - Help the team achieve their short and long-term objectives by raising fund$

Logistical Support - Coordinate with other organizations, arrange flights, help find supplies ;-)

Prayer Warriors - Spiritual support ensures our teams' safety and success <3