Help kids with cancer through music and visual arts

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International volunteer project in Morelia, Mexico from August 1 to August 14, 2018.

In Mexico, cancer is the second leading cause of death, and each year an estimated 7000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in people under 20 years. Cancer patients suffer not only physical conditions, but also different mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. These disorders are deeply connected to the reactions of the immune system, which is weak in ill and recovering patients. Emotional support and strengthening has a positive impact on the patients' treatment.

In the city of Morelia, artists and psychologists lead art therapy workshops for children with cancer. Art therapy through music and visual arts seeks to express various aspects of consciousness of the patients through different art techniques benefiting reflection, expression and relaxation. This activity is a process of self-expression, which helps people to organize their inner reactions to face events in their lives. These art therapy workshops are a way to channel what the patients think, learn and want to express. They guide the patients through sensitive and artistic techniques. The artists and psychologists who lead the workshops, work on a voluntary basis.

The international volunteers will support the artists and psychologists in organizing and leading the art therapy workshops for children with cancer. The volunteers will spend time with the kids, organizing and taking part in the different art activities. The volunteers will be also responsible for preparing materials for the activities.

Language: The official language of the project is English. Some Spanish would be appreciated.

Location: Morelia city is located in the center of Mexico. It is very well connected by bus and is located very close to big cities such as Mexico City (3 hours), Guadalajara city (3.5 hours), Guanajuato City (2 hours).

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