Community Development Teaching Opportunity in Miskito Jungle of Honduras



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Gracias a Dios


Do you want to make a positive impact on society while having the experience of a lifetime?? Do you want to be a part of a cause greater than yourself? Are you looking to train as a mission team leader, do research, or gain college credit while traveling to the edge of the earth?  AHMEN's Rio de Agua Viva team is for you!



May 27-29

  • From the San Pedro Sula airport it is just a short, 3-hr drive to Sambo Creek. There we will stay for 2 nights at a seaside hotel to prepare for a full day's journey to the finger island town of Raistá. We leave at dawn and drive until the pavement disappears; then we drive until the winding cattle country's dirt roads dead end into the Río Sico. From there we take long boat canoes to Ibans Lagoon where we will stay five days in a thatch roofed stilted eco-lodge.

May 30-June 2

  • We are looking for members to teach practicums in the following topics: Ecofeminism, Clean Water, Emergency Medicine, Lifeguarding, Microbanking, Networking/Reporting for Activism, and Resource Mapping.
  • You will implement the lesson plan you will have been preparing for the last 3-6 months at AHMEN's latest community health agent training workshop ASI.
  • We are also looking for Spanish-English interpreters and translators. We are in need of documentary film-makers and individuals who could edit film for promotional videos. This team also seeks team leaders in training and strategic planners.

June 2-4

After four nights under mosquito nets we depart for Sambo Creek before the parrots' first squawk. We then spend the next day in rest and relaxation at Villa Helens where the only thing your team leader will ask of you is to have fun and submit one full-length story with pictures for the website. After our final night in Honduras the team will depart for the airport and return home to share our adventures, stay in touch with our new Honduran friends, and plan for next year.


Together, we are the difference!


*Members are welcome to stay and enjoy some of the dozens of picturesque and historic sights around Honduras or the rest of Central America beginning on June 3rd, but the team is not responsible for the planning or costs involved.

Cost of team membership is $1100 and includes all food, in country travel, and lodging. You will need to purchase your own plane ticket and arrive no later than 12:30 PM on May 27. Team provided transportation from the airport to Villa Helens in Sambo Creek will depart at 1:30 PM on May 27.


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International Volunteers

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Please send us an email. Tell us about yourself and why you're interested! We will send you an application. You better hurry. The canoe fills up fast!