Transformational Recovery Counselor



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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


United States


Shakti Rising provides personal transformation recovery services for young women ages

15-30 with a history of addiction and/or abuse. When these young women (Apprentices)

graduate from the program, they have gone beyond being clean, sober, or away from their

abusive situation, they have transformed their lives and are prepared to be leaders in their


The focus of the Transformational Services Counselor is to manage the early

recovery program, by delivering individual and group transformational counseling services and educational recovery services in accordance with Shakti Model, as well as support in innovative, effective and efficient

evaluation of the recovery program as well as partnering in the development and implementation

of the Shakti Rising database.

Objectives: to maintainthe integrity of the transformational services model in all early recovery service delivery, to hold a container for non-linear, multidimensional transformational growth among apprentices that enables them to develop the internal strength, coping skills, and emotional resiliency to continue to the second year of the apprenticeship program. To assist in the development and implementation of an evaluation model that is efficient, effective, and innovative, capturing growth and change on multiple levels. To support systems to utilize and take advantage of that measured growth to advance and improve service delivery. To develop and implement a relational database that can store all of Shakti Rising’s contact, tracking, and evaluation data, while preserving space for creativity and flexibility in data collection, storing, and organization.

Daily Tasks Summaries:

Attend all TR team meetings and perform roles as necessary

Deliver individual counseling services and record all progress notes

You will receive direct training in Shakti Rising's clinical model of Soul Recovery. We also can provide supervision for licensure hours- mtf, lpcc, msw

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  • Training Provided

How To Apply

If interested, please apply to volunteer and share that you are desiring the counselor position.